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Xin- The IP Farmer

Last updated on July 23, 2010
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Xin is the most op toon in the league right now 23/07/10, he will get you many wins far more easily then you should have without him. He swings the game to your teams favor against anything as early as level 2. Once you can three talon strike after a charge you can kill most anyone at level 2, ignite ensures this as long as they dont have a flash or exhaust at which point you go back to laning in most cases and heal while they figure out what to do about you. Which most often involves trying to take you on and dieing at that point. The HOW TO PLAY Xin portion of this isnt really needed as far as I can tell, it's so simple that I'll just say this, charge, talon, cry, talon, charge... they are dead at this point, rinse and repeat.

What I will go over is my item build as it is different from everything I've seen so far, if there is one out there like it then that's news to me and feel free to ignore this repeatitive drool.

First item is dagger because you will build it into a zeal. Simple, zeal becomes phantom dancer and that is your weapon of choice, it does EVERYTHING you want, increasing attack sped is the name of the game for this guy, his passive gets better, his talon goes off smoother, his cry lowers all your cool downs to fresh, then to half once you have enough attack speed, so you basicly have no cooldowns on your W or E. The boots are left as simple speed on here because you need to be a good player and decide that for yourself, it's either Mercury's Threads or Ninja Tabi depending on what your against. I was going with attack speed but that is wasted by the middle of this build and you NEED the survivablity against stuns or other massive dps, you want to dodge one and limit the effect on the other. So choose your boots based on this. You finish your boots off as soon as you can, he is slow early on but as soon as you have boots and zeal he is faster then everyone else for the most part and soon you'll have Dancer, so you will not be outrun even when charge is on CD. You finish boots and Dancer, to go into Dancer! Double dancer means you crit at 62% and attack at roughly 2 a sec, you have damage off of dancer because of this, and that is why you can afford to ignore att damage items until infinity edge, you already have talon increasing your damage and it is effected by criting! Plus if you need more damage go get red buff, it's simple. That brings me to phage, I was buying this alot before I created this build and it's simply not needed, people dont get away from you once you have zeal or dancer and the red buff, that you ARE carrying will slow them anyway. So ignore phage, it's a waste of money in THIS build. After you have 2xDancer you go into edge, the game is over at this point or before most of the time, because you are a beast and have been ripping turrets down after wiping teams. But if you are still going because your team is bad, or their team is amazing you go for more attack damage items at this point, your crit is almost maxed out, it's at 82% now and you are attacking at roughly 2.25 a sec BEFORE you activate cry, which puts you at 2.5, would be more if you could do more. Your going to kill people by looking at them IF YOU can play Xin, which shouldnt be hard for most people that have tried, if you have trouble then practice and just remember the order of skill uses I listed above. Have fun, people will cry at you about your OP toon, tell them your a farmer and happily go about killing them again.