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Xin - THE MAN!

Last updated on July 15, 2010
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So I have read alot of Xin guides already and I disagree with several of them. First off I am not a top level player, but consider myself mid lvl ELO.

1) Xin is a DPS. I tried tanking with him and he does OK, but his damage is so BNig right now I do feel it is wasted on being a tank.

2) Runes can go several ways. I use attack speed and crit. chance personally. dodge id never bad. i think health and mana are a waste. also think crit damage isnt as good with him because he goes for speed over damage so i like more smaller crits, then the occasional big one.

3) masterires i use 21/0/9. i get the extra mana in utility to help laning

4) i jungle a small amount. he is not as effective as a warwick or fiddle, so i only jungle to get red and blue buff. i also kill dragon when hes up.

5) Items - I build him alot like WW or twitch. I start with vampiric sep. that combined with his passive will allow u lane until lvl 6-8 easy. First trip back i try to get zerk boots and malady if able. ( if they have 3+ CC then get merc treads, but u will need anouther attack speed item later.)

After boots and malady i get either last whisper or wits end. both give u the attack speed u need, one for tanks one for casters depending what ur playing against.

Next i get phage and make it into frozen mallot. the damage helps and health is always nice. the slow will help finish too.

If the games still on I get bloodrazors if they have lots of high HP guys, or phantom dancer or squishys.

Last i go with infinity edge.

6) skills - i start with 3 talon then charge. this allows u to harrass and if u have ignite and exhaust u can gank away, especially in mid ( yes Xin is great in mid). Then i go back and forth between 3 talon and call. obviosly taking ur ult every time it up. one point in charge is all u need until everything else is maxed.

TIPS - If u have ur ult always bust it first! is does damage based on ur enemies CURRENT health so u want to do as much damage as possible.

Use all ur skills first then ur call so u get max use out of the cool down reduction.

Do not get items that need stacks. you r not super squishy, but u will die. i end my average game about 15/9/15. I play very agressive as i do massive damage so i jump in right behind the tank. i do not min dying as long as i get 1 kill and 1 assist or better. any time u or u and ur teammate(s) kill 2+ champs and only u die, itd helping ur team.

Thats all i have for now, as i play Xin more and as i am sure riot will tweak him, i will try to update this build.