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Build Guide by Duroxian Alnor

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Duroxian Alnor

Xin Zhao - Art of War

Duroxian Alnor Last updated on February 2, 2011
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Hello there! My name is Duroxian Alnor and this is my first time writing a guide, so if you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to message me.

Lets start off with how much I enjoy playing Xin. He is a great melee carry with decent crowd control. Once fed, Xin can easily win 1 v 1's as well as sometimes winning 2 v 1's. With a combination of slow and pop-up, as well as having a means of healing and cd, Xin is one of the best AD carries in League of Legends

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Pros / Cons

- Great Damage
- Good Crowd Control
- Very tough to kill due to health and healing
- Can withstand nukes well
- Able to chase effectively
- Very good 1v1 champion

- If ganked, hard to get away without summoner spells
- Almost always targetted first
- Susceptible to blinds
- Hard time ganking without slow or friendly stun

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If you are questioning my choice on runes, there is logic for it. Having armor penetration runes will help you late game against tanks that love to stack armor such as Rammus, Shen, Malphite etc. After grabbing your last whisper, you will be dishing out quite alot of damage to squishies and more then average dmg against a tank. Why I chose flat armor and magic resist per level glyphs and seals is because in late game, you may find Xins defence lacking. Having flat armor seals early game lets you lane more as well as being able to take less damage from those pesky ad range carrys that like to harrass. Magic resist per level glyphs help with late game, where casters are at their best.

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I always start out with dorans shield. This will give you health, armor, and health regen per 5, perfect for early laning. If your wondering why I don't take dorans blade like most AD carries here is the reason:

- Why need a little bit of lifesteal when xin heals more on every 3rd attack then 3 attacks with dorans blade
- The damage may seem tempting, but having the damage there makes people aggressive. Too many times have I seen Xins who overextend early saying that they will be fine cause they can do about 8 more dmg a hit then usual.

After dorans shield I get my boots of speed. You should be able to get this around lvl 2-4. Next work your way to getting a last whisper. YOU WILL NEED THIS ITEM. This is one, if not the most crucial part of your build. After getting whisper, it's time for more durability. Save for a frozen mallet. I love this item, it gives you damage, health, and a slow on your physical attacks. next up is the tank slayer, Madreds Bloodrazor. Getting this will let you shred through enemies like a hot knife through butter. It is absolutely lethal (too much deadliest warrior :p). Here is when you can avoid some flexibility to your build. Depending on the situation getting anything from Banshees (if lots of magic damage on other team) to a Infinity edge will not harm your build at all.

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Unique Skills

Xin has some very unique combos that not many people realize while playing him. I found 2 very good combos to surprise your opponents and your friends.

    If you click on 3 talon strike then use audacious charge, when audacious charge hits, it activates 1 attack on 3 talon strike. This means that you will only need to attack twice more to pop an enemy up into the air.

    If you use 3 talon strike and attack twice on anything such as a minion, you can use audacious charge on an enemy champion and pop them into the air because it counts as the third attack

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Thank you very much for reading my build. I really hope this helps everyone that reads this. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to message me. Thank You!