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Xin Zhao Build Guide by leroydepiroy

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League of Legends Build Guide Author leroydepiroy

Xin Zhao DPS

leroydepiroy Last updated on August 15, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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hi this is my first build i ever made i made this build for xin zhao because its my favorite champ

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why attack speed and hp?it gives allot of adventages at lvl 1 your attack speed is around 0,9 and you have allot of hp the hp runes are only for the beginning because if you have bloodthirster you have enough lifesteal you wont need any hp runes

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i'd prefer 21/0/9 because have armor penatration and you do more damage the utility is for the neutral monster buff if you ignore jungling with xin at mid game and late game you need to recall allot more because if you have bloodthirster you kill golems and you have almost full hp

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first you get boots and hp pots the boots is for if you get in real trouble then you can run away real quick the pots can make a differnt in making fb and its nice to have in early game
after you get your boots get a zeal for attack speed and movement speed after you get that one look if you have enough for v ampiric sceptrethen buy it if you have enough for bf sword get that one first recall if you can buy your bloodthirster so you can stack some stacks if you have that then you really need phantom dancer for the attack speed and and movement speed for killing enemy's get another phantom dancer after you bought the first one then you should almost walk with 500 movement speed its good to have it to run from ganks and chasing enemy's after you get that one get your second bloodthirster for allot of lifesteal and attack damage if you have both bloodthirster full stacked then you should get 100-250hp ea hit if you have your infinity you can go and really pwn them you should have 85% crit change and you should have around 350-500 attack damage

if you need to play vs tanks or vs champs that buy some armour change the second phantom dancer into a black cleaver for ad and to lower the armour

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Skill Sequence

learn your Audacious Charge first you can use it really well for fb its slow and does a nice amount of damage if that skill is maxed you do allot of damage

after your maxed your Audacious Charge max your Three tallon strike its not the best skill to max first because in the beginning you dont do much damage and you dont have allot of attack speed (my opinion)

if you are lvl 16-18 you can use this way to use your skill at ONE singel enemy acivate your three tallon strike and jump with your audacious charge to them they should be slowed and you can easily knock them into the air but before you jump into them you should activate your battle cry for the 1 second cooldown ea hit and if they then can escape you can jump again and use your q again

and if you easilty want you ulti back just go to golem or lizard and activate your battle cry

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Summoner Spells

the most times I use ignite and flash or exhaust and flash
you can use wath ever you like its my poion that exhast and flash is the best way to get kills and escape from ganks

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Team Work

if you have a nice tank like allistar say that he needs to jump in as first after he jumped in you jump with your Audacious Charge and use your Crescent Sweep after you did that take the lowest hp enemy or the squishys one that are the guys you need to focus the guys who do allot of damage

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Chapter 8

i hope you all like my build and can pwn them very hard

its my first build so if i made some mistakes say it to me

the first game that i played with xin zhao i was 23/1/14 and with this build you can almost win every 1vs1

btw you can use this build for allot of ad champs like nocturne, miss fortune, caitlyn