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Xin Zhao-Extensive Guide on DPS

Last updated on November 8, 2010
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Welcome to my first build for my current main, Xin Zhao. Xin Zhao is an amazing character for the fact he can have early game dominance and still shine in mid to late game. Most people only consider Xin Zhao for his amazing initiating abilities but built right he can last for awhile in that team fight and still do amazing damage.

:::::DPS BUILD:::::
Item List Explanation:
Buying the ruby crystal gives you that extra survivability early game and taking advantage of your passive ability will keep you in the lane for as long as you need. I also like taking it because it helps push the phage which in turn gets you a frozen mallet earlier. Some people like taking vamp scepter, I don't like it. Tireless Warrior is good enough to keep me in a lane and it sets you back for a few core items.
After picking up my phage I like to go zerker greaves for the extra attack speed since I don't pick up Battle Cry till last. If a team is heavy melee or has heavy amount of stuns I suggest picking up the respective boot replacement. Ninja Tabi or Merc treads.
After that its of course time to push your frozen mallet, You should just be getting into mid game as you pick this up. This is what makes Xin Zhao such a good ganker mid game. IF you have the confidence get a sword of the occult, it is amazing with Xin Zhao's attack speed. Don't underestimate this snowball item but only pick it up if you have your frozen mallet and are confident you can get/keep 20 stacks.
After that its really up to you. If somebody already has Black Cleaver grab IE, Even in games where I am fed I usually only up getting one of them.
Skill Order- I like to pick up AC, for its amazing harassing and killing capabilities. I suggest laning with a snare or stunner. I have been laning with a crit ashe lately and it has had good results as well. I find the damage from TTS minscule and its only good for its knock up so I only grab one point in that. Do to the fact I grab zerker greaves I max out TTS first over BC. But if you have to pick up ninja or merc treads max out BC first.

Skill Sequence. Once you get all your skills it will pretty much go like this:
AC>CS>TTS>BC>Auto Attack until TTS and AC are back up>Dead. Do this same combo if your ult is not up though you will defiantly use TTS and AC again.

Play Style:
Early game-
Start with that ruby crystal and rush your lane, if you are with a friend you should be able to grab first blood if you have a snare or a pure dmg output(Like Crit Ashe). A couple well timed Exhausts will guarantee you a first blood. Seldom do I not get First blood anymore. It will be iffy if you go up against two tanks with exhaust or flash.

Once actually laning starts let your lane partner handle the harassing, maybe using AC if you have full mana. Once you get to level 3 it should begin. AC>TTS>BC and with your partners help a squishy will die. If your partner has been harassing well you will be able to kill anybody if they are at least half way between the turrets. By now Flash and exhaust should still be on CD for them if they used it to defend themselves so you and your partner should net a few kills. Hitting level 6 you should have plenty of money to finish phage and you are ready to begin ganking.
Gank pushed up lanes with ease. Should be relatively easy if they weren't fed. If they were fed a bit try to coordinate with your team so you aren't 2v1ing a fed champs. If they weren't fed you should have no problem 2v1ing anybody at this point. Help your team push towers and gank. If you choose to pickup Sword of the occult you should be getting your Mallet and that soon. This is where you should start getting those stacks.

Here is where you shine as a team fighter. INTIATE!!! You should have the health to be in do your damage, and get out. Xin Zhao is one of the best initiators in LoL for a reason. His ULT wrecks everybody when at full hp. Being the first in and using your ult can be the gamebreaker for team fights. If your team has plenty of snares or stuns or taunts you can stay in and completely wreck havoc on there squishies. Be extremely careful if you went SoC-DO NOT LOSE YOUR STACKS. The item is not worth it without the 20 stacks.

End Notes-
This is just a build I have been running with in normal games. I CAN NOT GUARANTEE THIS BEING ANY DECENT IN HIGHER ELO. I assume it is just as amazing in lower ELO and probably can carry a team if you happen to be in ELO Hell(I hope not).

The Key to being a successful Xin Zhao is being a successful teammate. Help your team. You don't need fed to be successful, as long as you have your core build you will be able to help your team end game. So help your teammates and you really can't lose(Unless they are just THAT BAD, which in that case, I am sorry)

I WILL TAKE ANY CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM!!! For instance, I forgot exactly my skill order, just which I maxed first so thats how the skill sequence is set up. Who knows if it actually works. This is my first build.