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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Xin Zhao - Here's a tip

Last updated on November 1, 2011
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Xin Zhao Build

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I'm bored and without LoL for the time being so I thought I would share my Xin Zhao build for Dominion.

In order to deal damage you need what?

Attack Damage = More Damage per hit
Attack Speed = More hits
Armor Penetration = Hits ignore their defense > Increased Damage

A combination of the three is required to make Xin excel, with more AD but no ArP he'll do a lot of damage but a large sum will be ignored by enemy armor, if he has no attack speed he may hit strong but he won't be hitting the target fast enough, etc etc. The way to maximize Xin's damage output is to combine all three attack stats.

How do we make Xin survive?

Xin is a melee fighter, when a fight begins Xin is usually the one who's started it or should at least be one of the first champions in the fight. This means he will also be taking collateral damage or the target of one or more enemy champions.

In order to survive you need:

Armor - Decreased physical damage
Magic Resis - Decreased magical damage
Health - The higher his health, the more punishment he can take.
Life Steal - One of the most important stats on a melee fighter - Doing high amounts of physical damage? Moderate survivability? Lifesteal will keep you alive long enough to stick to your target and kill them or force them out of the fight. It is also amazing in clutch situations where you get the jump on pursuing enemy champions when you are low - it can turn the tide of a bad situation.

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I am not going to link a set in stone rune page because I find everyone has their own style and will play Xin the way they find works best for them. I will however suggest which runes I would pick between to make the most out of Xin Zhao's combat prowess.

*Flat everything*

Mark - Attack Speed (9) - +15.3% Increased Attack Speed
- Armor Pen (9) - +15 ArP
- Attack Dmg (9) - +8.55 AD

Seal - Attack Speed (9) - +6.84%
- Armor (9) - +12.7 Armor

Glyph- Magic Resist (9) - +13.41 MR
- Cooldown Red (9) - +5.85% CDR

Quint- Attack Dmg (3) - +6.75 AD
- Armor (3) - +12.78 Armor
- Magic Resist (3) - +13.5 MR
- Armor Pen (3) - +10 ArP
- Movespeed (3) - +4.5% (Xin no Boots - 334.4MS, Boot I - 386.65, Boot II - 407.5)

*MS is one of the most important things as a melee fighter - get in a fight and keeping on your target is a lot easier. The fast pace of dominion also pairs well with MS, get to the tower underattack a few seconds earlier: save that teammate with low hp, fight off the remaining enemies, get to unguarded points faster, make enemies have to pull back off your allies defending a tower etc. You will find in dominion a few extra seconds can turn the tide of the battle or the game - do not underestimate movespeed.

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I would suggest a combat heavy mastery setup, something like I've done. 21/6/3
Of course this is all customizable, if you want imp ghost take a point out of a different mastery etc. I find that a more combat, somewhat survival build works best when I play Xin.

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Putting everything together lets see how to build Xin - I like to have a life steal item, an attack speed item, and some form of damage item - either AD or ArP - preferably both.

I like to start off with Tier I Boots, the move speed is extremely important in dominion as you will be going to the top tower fight at the beginning of the game and the faster you and your allies get there the better.

I also take the pre-items to Phage. So a Ruby Crystal and a Long Sword. You can grab a few potions if you like, *remember to use them at the start of fights to give you extra survivability.*

When you next go back to base, usually after the top fight, you should complete your phage, and if you did exceedingly well complete your boots. Go for either ionian boots of lucidity for the CDR or Berserker Grieves for the attack speed.

Next you should finish your boots if you did not the first trip back, and then go for brutalizer - the CDR + Inc AD and the ArP is vital for jump starting your damage.

Next I like to buy a vampiric scepter for the 12% lifesteal, it doesn't seem like much but its surprisingly helpful during 1v1 situations and allowing you to stay to in fights / lane / tower defense longer.

From there its a toss up , you can complete your ghostblade for the active attack speed and increased stats * IMPORTANT DO NOT FORGET TO ACTIVATE GHOSTBLADE* use it everytime you charge if its not on CD. If you are someone who forgets to activate ghost blade do not finish this item first. If you aren't finishing the ghostblade consider making your phage into an Entropy - this item adds a nice chunk of damage and the active is nice as well * AGAIN DO NOT FORGET TO ACTIVATE IT *- use it right before charging as well to ensure they aren't going anywhere.

Make sure to build an attack speed item. With the vampiric scepter you can make a Starks Fervor - look at the enemy team comp I base my attack speed item largely around this. If the have high Armor I usually build the starks, if they have a lot of casters or AP I make a wits end for the mana draining capabilities as well as the MR survivability, does the enemy team have a Shaco, Twitch, Eve, Wukong or any other stealth champs? Go for The Lightbringer.

If you did make a Stark's use the vampiric scepter to build into a Sanguine Blade

The General build should look something like this:

Boots II, Ghostblade, Entropy, Attack Speed Item ( Stark, Lightbringer, Wits, etc), Lifesteal Item, *Whatever is needed* - more survivability, more damage - play to what your finding you need. Dying a lot from auto attackers? Try a Thornmail, GA, Randuins, AP nukers? Force of Nature, GA, Odyn's Veil. Being CC'd ? Quick silver sash, tenacity item.

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Summoner Spells

I like to run with Ghost and Cleanse - Ghost is amazing for rushing to Top fight at the start of the game - make sure to use it just before running over the speed boots. Cleanse I find invaluable - the times it has saved me from a for sure kill into killing the stunner makes it worth it, getting rid of slows to catch up to your enemy and stop being kiting is also amazing. Also is removes silence and fear allowing you to charge that annoying fiddle draining your life, throw him up in the air and watch him wither away.

Other summoners useful are, Exhaust - use as soon as you charge in to ensure a kill / little resistance or on one of the enemy carries to utter them useless

Garrison is extremely clutch as well for defending or attacking towers

Flash is also fine