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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Xylor

Xin Zhao:The Senechal Of Demancia

Xylor Last updated on February 27, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Skill Sequence

Pop a point into battle cry to start off it gives ya plus 15% as that plus your runes and dagger gives ya a great start for your passive at an extra 52% as bonus right off the bat.
I focus with TTS and battle cry because i like to attack by having TTS and battle cry activated and popping out using audacious charge and just pop em in the air and auto atack use crescent sweep too if youve got it or its a group.
You dont really need audacious charge past level one if your going to get a frozen mallet because you dont need the slow but you do need the extra damage from TTS and extra attack speed from battle cry.
Crescent Sweep is kinda self explanitory its your ultimate ALWAYS LEVEL UP YOUR ULTIMATE AT LEVELS 6, 11 AND 16.

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I start off with a Dagger because it gaives an early attack speed bonus with all the runes and a point in battle cry it gives me about 1 attack every second at level 1.
I get Berserkers Boots next as opposed to ninja tabi like some other builds include because of xin's passive this will keep you in the lane longer.
Now Phantom Dancer is a must have for xin as it gives a major attack speed bonus as well as critical chance and dodge(GET THIS ITEM!!!!)
Next I'd get Frozen Mallet(most times i get this before the game ends but sometimes i dont)
after your boots and phantom dancer which packs out about 448 movement you will slow down your target enough to get a three talon strike in maybe even 2.
Now you've got all your chasing items by now, its time for some serious damage output i get the bloodthirster but its really up to you if you want to get infinity edge early or not(i like the lifesteal :-)
If the other team has a tank get last whisper,it will destroy that annoying tank but if not go for madred's bloodrazor this will put you up to roughly 2 attacks a second and lets say the average champion has about 2500 health at level 18 4% of that is 100 extra damage!!!!
Now if the game isnt over yet(which 95% of the time it is) go for a dps item Black Cleaver if theres a tank and if you opted for the early Infinity Edge and theres no tanks go for Bloodthirster any 1 of theese 3 works

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Greater Mark of Alacrityis a must have it gives roughly 15% attack speed right at the start of the game this will make you use your passive a lot more keeping you in your lane longer.
Greater Seal of Alacrity,i get this because of xin's passive your really gonna want a lot of attack speed early on so you can stay in your lane longer by continuing to rack in the health last hits and levels and even kills if your good.
Greater Glyph of Focus,is great so i can use Three Talon Strike sometimes twice depending on the attack speed and the cool down reduction. More cool down reduction=longer amount of time that your opponent is up in the air which means more hits and more damage and more kills, "they'll be dead before they hit the ground" Greater Qunitessence of Fortitude I get this because for basically any character good flat extra health at the start of the game means less or hopefully no early deaths that could mess up your game later.

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Summoner Spells

I get Exhaust because well its an amazing spell! You can use it to gank and at the same time blind them(works great on teemo and yi) and makes them incredibly slow.
Flash is great for 1 getting in that last hit for the kill and 2 for running away, use it to jump through walls making the enemy go allll the way around.

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Game Play

Early Game:
Early Game:Pick a side lane and try to get some last hits and level up if you can get a kill go for it if you can toss them up in the air then use exhaust its perfect so they run very slowly and (unless they are highly spell dependant) have no chance of countering.

Mid Game:
By now or shortly after you should have phantom dancer now its very important to participate in team fights if theres an amumu on your team try to coordinate a gank on their entire team have amumu use his bandage toss,use your audacious charge have him use his ult and use your ult now while theyre all at about half health and stunned your remaining 3 teammates pop out of the bushes and kill em all, this works amazingly!!!
after theyre aced or close to it push a few turrets and hopefully an inhibitor.

End Game
If your winning by now get your team and get the baron maybe pick up another buff and go finish it. If your losing either turtle it up and kill em all by your turrets then push or just give up and surrender.

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Hope this helps and remember this is my first build ever so please be nice :-) (Results may vary)

Last 4 games ive done i won every single one:
Game 1:3/1/3
Game 2:7/0/9
Game 3:4/0/9
Game 4:10/1/4
When totaled its 24/2/25 thats 12 kills for every 1 death. all the extra hp coupled with the major dps making it hard to kill you but easy to kill others :-)

P.S. Please try this build out and read through the build before voting on it i think you'll find that its a pretty good build.