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Xin Zhao Top Lane Guide (Chuga Chuga Chuga RAPE TRAIN"

Last updated on November 13, 2012
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Hey guys I have been playing Xin Zhao for quite a while and as he is my favorite character and because I have recently played him top lane vs another Xin Zhao following the builds I originally followed on this site I taught I would come by and share my own build which have won me the top lane against any other Xin Zhao I have come across. Hope you enjoy and that some of you find this guide helpful.

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The runes are totally your choice the runes above you see are my runes currently I change them often and will upgrade the list once I have tried out some other combos for now these are safe and easy to go with. I am also looking into changing the magic resist for some speed runes give more early game oomph.

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Again your choice the ones I have above give me a little extra heath for early game and some of course standard damage runes 21/9/0 of any AD configuration would work so feel free to add in what you want or what you feel is important.

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Here is the core difference in this build. I find that Xin Zhao is an excellent ganker and when you get higher level in a match your charge is on such a low cool down when used with your Q that you really dont need the slow also the movement speed after you get early game from zeal and boots its handy.

Early game I always go boots 3 pots and work my way to a zeal generally ill stay laned pick up some kills and wont back till I have enough to buy straight off. The extra attack speed and crit is nice as well as the movement speed boost. And with your W you can make quick work of minions or enemy players. Next get the boots more attack speed and more movement speed for chasing and controlling your side of the lane diving in and out for minion kills against range champs.

Vamp septer next this along with your nicley build up attack speed allows you to farm for health. As well as giving you the edge against another melee character hitting quite fast you can heal enough to outlast a blow for blow fight.

After this its situational if you find you are ahead in kills you take the BF sword stay out of lane and work for that upgrading to the The Black Cleaver for Armour Penetration and more attack speed more health regen between fights I tend to engage then clear a lane or jungle to regen my health normally get a blue as you will find Xin is quite mana heavy. If you are loosing the lane then you may want to go with the Health item Warmogs being very nice a huge health boost.

Then its onto a full phantom dancer I love a fast champ getting those kills before they know whats going on. With Xin's main damage coming from his Q and his Health regening so fast you become a monster instantly taking out Carry's and unsuspecting mid champs if the timing is right.

Finally end game I push for a blood thirster and one final choice either Damage with Infinity edge or speed with phantom dancer usually the game is over by now but if you get the chance its your choice.

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Skill Sequence

Start with the Q for early damage if they jump you at your bush 3 hits from this will make then re-think that idea but get back then as when he is in the air its your time to escape. I normally go for the charge second and finally the speed increase/health regen. at lvl 3 I initiate aggressive mode and will wait for a perfect time to strike the enemy top do soem damage back away and heal or go for the kill depending. You are normally so fast that the enemy player has no time to re-act and your away before they get there abilities in order. I max out the Q taking the ulti when needed and putting the extra in the charge reduced cooldown means more chasing potential and more slows. The ulti I will use straight off if i think he cant get away a little later if Im not sure and keep it for bad engages later in the game to knock people away prepping for an escape.

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In summary I will fix this guide up as it is my first one I am not sure of the options to adding pics and that so will work on it as well as update the info and the build as I progress hope this helps some people out there.

With thanks

Bob Xin Zhao !