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Xin Zhao, What Works

Last updated on October 8, 2010
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Thank you for reading my guide on Xin Zhao, What Works. By What Works, I mean what works for me. I have used almost every guide in here for Xin Zhao, I have played more than enough practice games, and I have found, in my opinion, a good setup that allows you to play offensively and defensively depended on what is needed at the time.

I don't see a real need for pros and cons because if you play correctly there are no cons, but here goes:

-Extremely powerful Champion who can annihilate everyone.
-Can carry a team
-Can stay laning until L10 and you have 3,000 + gold

-Is punished for attacking early
-Cannot carry a lane in early game
-Is easy to trap in early game
-Is difficult to play against ranged early game

Have you noticed that most cons are from early game? Some of you will note that this spec is heavy offense, and you would think that I wouldn't have any issues early game if I went defensive masteries. The reason I go offensive is that I personally play extremely cautious and defensively early game. I will be backed up to the tower for nearly 10 minutes in the beginning, but the way I play is that I allow this to happen. I don't die early game at all, or very rarely. I play a bait game, and typically have 3-4 kills by the time I head back and buy my brutalizer, berserker boots, and zeal all at the same time. EARLY GAME IS THE GAME. Whomever gets the advantage is typically the winner.

Skill Order
I go with Audacious Charge first and foremost. This is essential to my bait game that I play. It doesn't rock the damage, but it slows them significantly in order for you to beat them down. Also, it's completely unexpected when you use it. (Don't be afraid to Flash then use it for the ranged champions that are low in health).

Obviously Crescent Sweep is your second priority and that shouldn't be explained.

Three Talon Strike is a great skill. I don't use it as a major damage dealer but I ALWAYS use it with a Audacious Charge. You slow them down and knock them in the air, and they're finished.

Battle Cry, personally I don't believe this is as good as everyone insists. I gear up for some attack speed in the beginning, so it's only an extra onto that. Though I use it on CD for the CD reduction on my other skills.

Rune Build
I'm going to skip this section because I personally believe that should be built up upon your play style.

Item Build

Alright item choices! I go with the Long sword first because I build it into the Brutalizer. Explanation of the brutalizer: When I first started playing this game my friend told me that if a melee didn't go with the brutalizer in the beginning then he was sorely missing out. It gives amazing stats, is cheap, and can be built into something later on.

I typically don't go back to town until I'm near L8-10. By this time I atleast have 2,000-3,000 gold depending on how many people I have killed. After I recall I buy my Berserker boots and Zeal to give me the extra UMPH that I need to chase down and destroy players. Always remember to grab the red buff when going back to your lane.

After getting those items you should start to gank middle and push middle further. After 1850 gold get your Big F-ing Sword, by this time you're hitting like a brick and no one will want to face you one on one. I'm not going to explain how to play end-game because if you don't know that you're supposed to stick with your team then I can't help you :).

I apologize that the build is short, but if you'd like an further explanations just leave a comment and I will get right to you. GL and HF.