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Yasuo Build Guide by Ashes 2 Ashez

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ashes 2 Ashez


Ashes 2 Ashez Last updated on December 15, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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12/15/13: Defensive Tanky Bruiser thingy build is made, depending on how nerfs go could be the dominate build but doubt it. Build, Masteries and Runes have been done.

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Hi, my name is Ash and this is my first guide here on Mobafire! This guide is going to be a day to day work on progress the more I study and research about Riot's newest champion, Yasuo. If you have ANY feedback or advice fill free to comment!

You may first be thinking, "First, why should I trust a guide on a very new champion and from someone who this is their first guide?" Well, don't think that because that is silly thinking. Riot could literally make 20 champions and release them all at once and I could make a decent guide on each one of at least their builds, masteries and ability prioritization with at least one game in each of them. Why? Because if you've played League for a while, you should know how to categorize each champion into lanes, AD, AP or Hybrid, Bruiser, Fighter, Mage, Support and etc. and comparing to currently existing champions (Which I use many example on what abilities of Yasuo's that's similar to other champions.)

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So after that debate lets get into the champion. Yasuo is a AD Mid/Top Melee Carry that uses Flow as a source of energy/mana (Though it is not needed for his abilities, it merely increases the damage he does) Currently I have been playing him Mid mostly but why I also call him top is because he is of my favorite category of champion, Melee Carry which is like Tryndamere and Gangplank, some of my mains. His start priority is of AD, Crit, Life steal, Armor Pen and Movement speed. (Currently I testing items like Zephyr for a Attack Speed Yasuo.)

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Mastering The Wind: Abilities

Q (Steel Tempest)- Steel Tempest is Yasuo's Q, and the first ability to max out. How Steel Tempest works is Yasuo lunges forward for the first 2 times it is casted and on the 3rd time you still lunge forward, but proc a Tornado, similar to Janna's Q that airbornes enemies and is similar to Karthus's Q in the sense you must aim your cursor where you want to hit the regular ability without the proc. You also need to airborne enemies to cast your R (Last Breath) so it is vital you aim the 3rd hit accurately.

W (Wind Wall)- Wind Wall is Yasuo's W is one of his most notable abilities. Wind Wall is used as a barrier to protect from all projectiles such as skill shots (Ahri's abilities), cone projected abilities (Miss Fortune's Ult) and ranged auto attacks. Wind Wall is the last ability you max out but it is one of your most important for it can save you from ADC's and Mages. Examples of how it can be used is 1: Caitlyn's passive could easily be stopped, saving a lot of health 2: Ahri is based all on skill shots and she couldn't touch you basically. Wind Wall's placement is like Jayce's Acceleration Gate in the form that you will have that little line to place down but NOTE: The range is very, very small. It is basically right in front of you and this ability is all about timing if you wish to survive.

E (Sweeping Blade) - Sweeping Blade is Yasuo's chase ability and one of his most important and skill required abilities. Sweeping Blade is a click to use ability with a 0.5 second cool down but heres the catch- Can only be casted every 8 seconds. To use this ability effective, you have to "chain" it. When I say "chain" I mean go from enemy to enemy, because everytime Sweeping Blade is used it gets stronger by 25% up to 4 stacks or 100%. The most effective to this in lane is Minion>Minion>Minion>Champion then cast Steel Tempest IMMEDIATELY because when used while "dashing" (During the cast of Sweeping Blade) it hits all targets in an AoE circle. Doing this sequence will give you maximum damage and with at least Shiv and BotRK you should over half them. In a team fight it is the same thing, but you want to prioritize the ADC in the back so dash through all enemy champions then the ADC and that ADC will drop before you even get to enough stacks on your Steel Tempest to pop your Last Breath.

R (Last Breath)- Last Breath is Yasuo's ultimate. Last Breath can only be triggered if an enemy is airborne'd, so thats why you max out your Q. But you don't have to be the one who does airborne them. For example, Janna's Q and Cho'Gath's Q can airborne them and you can get them from there. Also, it attacks ALL enemies airborne'd so try to get all of them.

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Pros / Cons

- Tank and Mage/ADC Wrecker
- Great at harassing
- Uses Flow, not Mana
- Is a friggin' wind Samurai
- Strong late game
- Snowballs pretty well
- Protected from nearly all Skill Shots and Cones

- Farm Reliant
- Which means hes Build Reliant
- New Champion which means NERFS
- Will be overplayed for a while
- Weak Early Game

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Farming and Laning

Farming on Yasuo is important due to like an ADC and Melee Carry, he has to play a solo lane or even jungle. I build Avarice Blade first just because of this reason for Yasuo is build dependent otherwise his Steel Tempest, Sweeping Blade and Last Breath will barely hit much damage.

Harassing is easy to do as Yasuo due to his Q will not only rack up CS but poke at those pesky enemy champions.

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High Noon Yasuo Skin -