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Team Guide by jackshow

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League of Legends Build Guide Author jackshow

Yasuo mid lane god

jackshow Last updated on April 25, 2014
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Hey summoners!

This is my first guide, I hope you enjoy it. If you do, please rep and or like the guide. Thanks.

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Pros / Cons

- No Mana (Everyone hates Mana)
- Wind wall (W) blocks all projectiles (Including ultimates)
- Shield that regenerates as you move around
- Easy farming with Steel Tempest (Q) and Sweeping Blade (E) [You can also use a mini-aoe if you E into a minion then hit Q the second after] That also works with Steel Tempest's tornado. I personally like to E at a champion, hit Q (if the tornado is up) then use my ultimate and ignite for a kill
- Very short cooldowns
- Long range poke with the tornado
- Short ultimate cooldown (Almost always up)
- If a tornado is up, you can easily escape ganks
- Easily chase enemies if you want to (E through minion waves)
- Very fun champion over-all

- No real escape, unless you're good with the sweeping blade to sweep through minions.
- Hard to master
- Sometimes you can't use Last Breath (R) on airborne enemies, not sure why.
- Very weak early game

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Skill Sequence

The reason why I like to get W at level 3 is because it recharges Yasuo's passive faster when using sweeping blade (E). While farming, I use sweeping blade (E) to go through the minions and get very close to the enemy champion, if they're inside turret range I poke with Steel Tempest (Q) and use sweeping blade to get away from them and avoid taking damage. While doing this, the passive recharges and helps Yasuo take minimal poke damage while still driving the enemy lane out of lane.

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Tips / Info

When poking the enemy champion, I like to use sweeping blade first then use steel tempest. This lets me get bonus damage on them from sweeping blade while because near them just as long as it would take to use steel tempest to poke them.

From my experience, Yasuo's strong points are level 1 and near the end of mid-game. I say level 1 because, if you can poke the enemy champion with steel tempest twice then continuously poke them with basic attacks then land your tornado from the 3rd steel tempest, you could actually kill your lane opponent very early at level 1. I've done it countless times.

I like to spam my ultimate on them. Realistically, before you go in for a kill your ultimate will be back up again if you used it earlier. It helps you drive them out of lane and allows you to out level them and or out farm your lane opponent easily. Spam my ultimate as in: use it whenever I can.

Yasuo mid & Vi jungle is a very broken combo. Once both Yasuo and Vi are level 6, it's pretty much a guaranteed kill every time both of their ultimates are up. Also, remember that Yasuo can use his ultimate off of Vi's Q.

Other junglers that Yasuo is strong with;
Jarvan IV, Malphite, Lee Sin, Trundle, Xin Zhao, Zac, Shyvana, Nautilus, Hecarim, Cho'gath and Aatrox.

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Starting items:
Dorans blade, Health potion, Warding Totem

First back:
Berserkers greaves, 2 or 3 Stealth Wards, 5 Health potions
(If you can save up 2.5k buy the static shiv on your first back)

Either way, your 1st and 2nd items are: Berserkers greaves, Static shiv

3rd item:
Infinity edge

4th item:
Blade of the ruined king

5th item:
Last Whisper

6th item:
Guardian Angel


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