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Yes I will have more mana with my Chalice

Last updated on June 17, 2012
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Table of Contents
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I've never made a guide before, but I felt like Ziggs is an underplayed and very under rated champion that deals out tons of damage with lots of skill shots and CC. "But, wait." you say, "Wouldn't LeBlanc, Malzhar, Karthas, or even Yi, be a better AP champion to play in mid." Well I'm here to tell you that his ability to lock down areas, melt champions from a distance, and even snipe a baron buff, make him a powerful champion to have on your team comp.

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Pretty standard Rune build.

Marks of Insight for early game spell pen to make sure that even tanks will have a problem with you.

Seals of replenishment for early regeneration, this will work well with your Chalice/Grails passive since it will increase your mana regen by 1% for every 1% missing.

Glyphs of Force will allow you to scale into mid game with an extra dorans ring without it taking up the item slot. While you can use CDR/level Glyphs this will make you spam more, and more reliant on your mana regen, but having your Satchel Charge/Hexplosive Mind Field off CD will keep you from getting caught in a tight spot.

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The Masteries are pretty basice, emphasis on getting ability power, ability per level, CDR, and mana regen all will keep you in the fight and keep the enemies from trying to get too close.

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The point of this build is rush a chalice and then to a grail.

Early Game

Getting the standard dorans ring to start and either going double dorans or just grabbing a chalice if your already winning the lane, you want to grab your hextech revolver for lane sustain. This coupled with your chalice will make you hard to remove from lane.

Mid Game

Now that you have your Sorcerer's boots its time to grab your death cap and your grail. The ability power from the grail is great, but the added benefit of getting 1% mana regen for every 1% missing, coupled with cooldown reduction and the mana regen from killing or assisting in the killing of enemy champions, makes you a spamming machine that still deals lots of damage.

Late Game

This is where the game becomes very situational. You still want to grab Rylai's, this item will give you an additional slow, which can either secure a kill or get you out of a tight jam. If your doing great, build into your Lichbane and then your Zhonya's. If your getting focused by the carry, or getting locked down, grab your Zhonya's before your Lichbane. If your were doing well in the beginning but they decided to grab banshees veils, then sell your hextech for a void staff, this at the sacrifice of a bit of sustain, will shred the tanks on the other team. You could sell the Grail for the void staff, and build a Will of The Ancients, while viable, I feel like because of your burst your not going to get to much effectiveness out the spell-vamp.