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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dirty Goolash

Yi After Buffs

Dirty Goolash Last updated on June 25, 2010
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After the recent buffs to Master Yi, he is one of the greatest carries/DPS in the game. This build focuses on maximizing the effectiveness of MAster Yi's ultimate and gives high survivability early/mid game. It is different than most yi builds, but I find this build has you dealing good damage earlier than some other builds, and the items are cheaper.

Speaking of items, I'll elaborate on my choices a bit more.
Brawler's Gloves-I like to start with some Brawler's Gloves because an early crit with Yi is extremely devestating. It also helps you get your avarice blade much faster, which you want to do for the gold generation.
Youmoo's Ghostblade-This is an amazing item on yi. It gives him everything he needs, critical strike, damage, and armor penetration. Not to mention the amazing passive which is basically a second ultimate for him, giving him overkill.
Berserker's Greaves-Boots are basically your own choice. I mostly prefer to get Berserker's Greaves with this build because you rely on your ultimate and Ghostblade for attack speed in early and mid game, so that little bit is good for when both are on cd and for farming.
Vampiric Scepter-Pretty self-explanatory I think. Some lifesteal is always nice. YOu could pick up 2 of these also if you want. IT can really help if you're havin trouble staying in lane.
Infinity Edge-Once you get this item you will be unstoppable. You'll have around 40% crit chance, so you'll be critting pretty often, and it's passive is gonna make them hurt. The hue damae boost is gonna make normal attacks hurt really bad too.

This is the end of your core build, and now I will ive some suggestions for items after this.

Stark's Fervor-This is a ood item to upgrade your vampiric scepter into. If no one else is building it, I recommend doing so. It helps your team a lot, and helps you a lot.
Last Whisperer-Another good attack speed item. I prefer Stark's Fervor, but if you are pushing a lot and not killing much, get this. It makes you take towers down pretty fast.
The Bloodthirster-Another ood item to uprade your scepter to. If you feel you have enough attack speed without Stark's, grab this. Just make sure you don't get too risky trying to farm stacks on it. (Stay in lane to kill a couple minions when you know a gank could be coming)
Atma's Impaler-Gives a nice damage bonus and armor, and the best part, critical strike. Get this if you're getting taken down easily by the enemies DPS.
Madred's Bloodrazor-Good for taking down tanks, but I recommend getting Black Cleaver and Last Whisperer for tanks over this. Only get this if you can;t decide what to get. It's simply too expensive and slows down item building a bit when you could be getting other cheaper items.

I choose Armor Penetration because these are usually the standard these days. They are the best for dealing damage, especially in higher levels. I choose Mana Regen so you can spam your skills a bit and heal with Meditate when needed. Finally, cooldwon Glyphs simply because there's nothing really good for glyphs, cooldown reduction is the best possible for glyphs.

Summoner Spells
For summoner spells I prefer cleanse and ghost because as yi any CC will be your downfall, and with your already high movement speed, when ghost is active no one will be able to escape or catch you. Also, the combination of cleanse and ghost is always amazing to escape ganks and certain death.

Skilling Order
Most builds choose Wuju Style but I choose to level Meditate instead. My reasoning for this is that high ranking in meditate early game will make you almost invincible. It gives you insane armor so they will do almost no damage, and you will be out healing any damage they end up doing. (if any) While it sacrifices some damage for survivability, I think the survivability is better. You will watch the enemies crying about your heling when both of them are attacking you at 10% hp and can't kill you. It's also great for baiting, and early ganks.


Early Game
Early Game you want to play a bit defensive and just last hit. If your teammate starts a fight don't be afraid to jump in though. Sometimes it is even better to initiate yourself because you can tank with meditate. Just do the usual and Alpha Strike with Wuju Style active and with a double strike ready to do crazy damage. And if things turn around on you, simply meditate.

Mid Game
During mid game you want to try and push down your turret. Farm a bit and try to get a couple kills. Go around ganking and try to finish your infinity edge. If you can finish an early infinity edge your late game will look very bright.

Late Game
You want to be the last one to enter team fights and the first one to leave. If you enter too soon you will die very easily since you are so squishy, and if you over extend you will die once your enemies' abilities are off cooldown. You can take turrets down with no hassle, and your ultimate combined with Ghostblade's active will make you unstoppable. No one can run and no one can chase you. Not to mention if you throw ghost in there too. You should definately be a force to be reckoned with.

-Try to get lizard buff whenever you plan on ganking.
-You have to know when to use your ult and Ghostblade active. Sometimes it is good to activate both at the same time, but usually you only want to activate one at a time. The prime time to use both is when you need to finish off an enemy really fast because you know his team is coming or you won't be able to finish him with just one. Also, you could use both when escaping, although you shouldn't need to since you have ghost. All 3 would have you moving at over 600.


While I prefer DPS, and DPS is better for killing, AP is still pretty fun to use on Yi, and can actually kill really well once you get your Lich Bane. And his AP Ratios are great. The ratios for alpha strike and meditate are both over 1 I believe.

Doran's Ring-Solid starting item for any caster. Gives 10 AP which doesn;t seem like much, but it helps your meditate pretty good. And it gives much needed mana regen so you can harass with your alpha strike. The health is always nice too.
Mercucry's Treads-These are usually my boots of choice. The passive is just too good to pass up. If you don't want these, you could always get Sorceror's Shoes too.
Mejai's Soulstealer-Standard for any caster. If you can get stacks, it's amazing. If you're doing pretty bad, skip this item/sell it.
Zhonya's Ring-Always want to get this if you're going AP. The passive is amazing. And the active combined with meditate can be pretty funny.
Lich Bane-Great for yi. After Alpha Striking, get an auto attack for some huge nuke damae, then wuju style with another auto attack, and ult for another. Will do crazy damage.

This is the end of your Core build. This is all you really need to dominate with AP yi. I'll give some recommended items after this. They're pretty much some stabdard caster items.
Elixir of Brilliance-This is always nice to get. It boosts your damage output a lot more than you would think.
Void Staff-Always a good item. The Magic Penetration passive really boosts your damage.
Rylai's Crystal Scepter-If you're being killed a lot, get this. It adds a lot to survivability. And the slow is good for chasing with alpha strike.
Abyssal Scepter-Get this if the enemy has a lot of casters. In combination with Mercury's Treads and Lich Bane you will basically be a tank.

I'm not gonna go into too much detail because I'm lazy, but early game you want to wait until 3 of the enemies' minions are left, and then alpha strike one of them. You will bounce to an enemy champion damagin him. Just do this every wave and slowly kill them. In team fights try to soak up a bit of damage because you can just meditate, and your meditate will do work. Jungling is very easy because your alpha strike will kill everything but the golems and buff minions in one hit regardless of the instant kill chance. You can push easy by alpha striking the minions. That's 4 minions dead instantly. Also, your alpha strike will hurt pretty hard in team fights. It will hit 4 of the enemies, and it hits pretty damn hard.

P.S.-My G key is messed up right now, so if I missed any G's, that's why.