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Yi. The Dragon Slayer

Last updated on January 5, 2012
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Master Yi is IMO one of the most OP champions in this game. Building him is very easy. The problem is that not many people know how to use him the proper way. In this guide I'll explain how Yi can be used to destroy any opponent. I've played Yi for quite a long time and I decided to make my own guide based on what I've learned through personal experience. I hope this helps some of you become a better Yi player.

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The items I chose were selected for good reasons. This guide is mainly for using jungler Yi. First, start with vampire scepter. I've seen so many junglers start with 5 health potions and a cloth armor. For Yi's case, getting lifesteal will allow you to go through the jungle faster and give you an advantage in levels. Then get boots(attack speed is great for ganks). After that you start working on wriggles lantern, a great item for jungling and offers a free ward. Now you start the real build. Go for phantom dancer. Some of you might be thinking: How about attack damage? Yi already has decent damage to begin with because of his lantern and because of his E's passive. Getting attack speed and critical chance early will help you become stronger very quickly during the game. Then work on your damage by getting an Infinity Edge. Once you have these 2 items you'll notice that your already really strong, and if you don't then you're not farming enough or not ganking. Next item is Frozen Mallet. This item is by far my favorite health item for carry's. Not only does it give you a nice slow but it gives you 700 health allowing you to take a hit or two in a team fight. By the way for those of you that didn't know this, when you have Frozen Mallet, Infinity Edge and Phantom dancer you could solo a turret. I wouldn't recommend doing it but if your team really needs help then give it a try and if you aren't using the runes I suggested then please use your R. If you are then you probably only need your E. Now we move on to Tiamat, This item is already decent because of its health and mana regen which can be useful. Don't forget damage splashes when using this item so when your fighting 2 people close range this item can save your life and get you a double kill. Some people prefer black clever, another bloodthirster or last whisper but this item gives you a fantastic advantage in team fights with splashing damage. Finally, you should sell your wriggles and get a bloodthirster. This item allows you to get up to 25% lifesteal and 100 damage with bonuses so its a great late game item especially if you have a lot of kills.

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So some of you may be wondering why I chose full attack speed runes for +38%. Even though this may seem wierd, when your jungling and ganking early game it will give you a major advantage because you'll have high attack speed already and with exhaust you can get that kill (almost garanteed). Late game Yi's attack speed is about 1.8 not including the bonus he gets when using his R. With damage at around 350, 1.8 attack speed is pretty epic not to mention crits and his abilities.

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Pros / Cons

Alright lets talk about playing with Yi. Many amateurs don't understand that Yi is a champion that you absolutely need to farm with constantly. This is why you should jungle with him. The key to playing Yi is trying to over power your opponents by having more farm, more levels and more items.

Yi isn't very good in team fights and usualy dies instantly.
Yi needs to have a lot of farm.
Yi is squishy.

Yi has OP abilities.
Yi is the best when it comes to running away and chasing
Yi is the ultimate 1vs1 champion when playing right.

Alright so when playing Yi, always try to farm as much as possible in the jungle from level 1-6. Don't try doing a lot of early ganks because you will fail epically. Yi needs his R in order to make a succesfull gank and he could even dive if the guy hes chasing is 1 bar health. At level 6-11, you should be ganking and getting red and blue buffs more than going in to the jungle. You should steal some farm from your teammates when they tell you to hold the lane (hehehe). This is where you should get between 1-3 kills and some assists if you're playing right. Level 11-18 you should be out of the laning phase of the game and so work with your team and gank people that are alone. Now in team fights, Yi is very squishy. So a tip would be to make the tanks go in and tank, make the ranged carrys attack and then wait a slight moment then make a dive and do a lot of damage. This is where many Yi's make mistakes. They dive in instantly or make tanks go first and then end up dying, even when you have good defense or health you won't get far. If they see a powerfull Yi, they will immediately target you. Time yourself and work with the team.

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In conclusion, I hope some of you learned some tips about Yi reading this. This guide is really just the basics for people that aren't doing so well with Yi. The build can be rearranged in the order you like, it isn't neccesary to follow it the way its written because every game you play will be different depending on who you're playing and If you follow this I promise you that you'll be getting some great scores. Good luck Yi players!