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League of Legends Build Guide Author T0RM3NT

Yi The Pain Train

T0RM3NT Last updated on November 1, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello everyone, This is my first build so bear with me. I have been a fan of the Mobafire builds for quite a while, so I decided to create an account and share my own build.

Build Focus
The Focus of this build is to take full advantage of Master Yi's abilities. The idea is to create a fast moving, farming nuke. And it works quite well. Madreds combined with Alpha Strike makes quick work of creeps, this helps you build up experience and gold very quickly. Once you start stacking on Phantom Dancers your attack speed, critical strike, and movement speed will be insane. With such a high critical strike rate, every hit will be critical, combine this with your movement speed and attack speed your enemies will fall left and right, instantly refreshing your skills.

A lot of people consider it spamming. I see no reason to do things different if it works. Spamming Isn't casting Alpha strike then following up with Wuju Style and Highlander, sorry.

Early Game
I start out with Dorians Blade. This gives you a bit of an overall boost that helps a lot early game. You should be able, with a good lane partner, to get both kills in your lane. At the very least, one kill before minions come into the mix. The best thing in this situation is to sit in the middle of the grass on your side, as soon as they come in the grass they are committed to continuing. This gives you a little bit more room to work with. Start auto attacking and when they turn to run, exhaust, and use Alpha Strike and ghost if necessary. By this time you should be able to get Madreds. Or at least start working on it. Madreds will help you put creeps down very quickly. From here you should be able to keep farming and pushing your lane up to about level 7 by this time you should be working on your B.F. Sword and Vampiric Scepter. At this time you should be able to jungle with the smallest effort. Keep buffs on all the time, they keep your small mana pool in check and keep the enemies from using them against you.

Mid Game
By now you should have quite a few kills under your belt, and should be killing the Lizards and Golems as well as the Dragon, every time they spawn. Keep your eye on lanes, Alpha Strike lanes with tons of creeps for extra gold. Once you finish your Blood Thirster sell dorians blade to help towards your phantom dancer. This is when you can gank a lot and most battles occur in groups, WuJu Style and Highlander then Alpha Strike in to take care of anyone, take advantage of low enemies first so you can keep your skill set refreshing.

End Game
You should have your Black Cleaver by now which will help with tanks. You shouldn't get much further than that. Once you get your next Phantom Dancer its game over. By this time you should be able to kill anyone with ease, you should keep jungling and keeping buffs stacked, check your lanes and take advantage of creep traffic jams. The game usually doesn't last long enough to finish out the build with this much power. If It does the Infinity Edge will push it up and over. Sell your Madreds at this point if you need more room.

Item Substitutions
Use your boots to fit the situation Mercury Treads are good if you are facing issues with stuns and Magic. If you aren't having any problem at all and you are pretty fed then try Boots of Swiftness to chase down those who run away. You can also sub Black Cleaver out for a Frozen Mallet if you need a bit more staying power. This will decrease your damage but the slow it provides is an even trade off.

Skill Substitutions
You may want to swap Ghost for Cleanse if you find yourself unable to get kills due to disables.

This build has allowed me to consistently keep a two or three to one kill/death ratio every game. Play it smart and do not turret dive and kill yourself just for one kill. You may get the kill but you also die, and that will also cause your enemies to play more defensively. I will update this build as I see necessary. But I have tested it over the past few months and been able to come out on top 9 out of 10 games. I thank you for your kinds words and considerate criticism.