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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Last updated on October 12, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Yi is a game changer if player correctly. He is amazing at back-dooring this is one of his main function end game. This build with his attack speed and damage slices through towers like they are butter. In a team fight with this build you do not want to engage the team fight it best to be patient and wait for your tank to start soaking damage then move in and slice through them like they are nothing. Remember YI is amazing cause when you kill using his ulti you can move on to the next champ with his combo cause all of your abilities are refreshed immediately. always target the lowest life champ then move on to the next after you kill the first continue till you have aced them. He is simply amazing in a team fight late game with the blue buff. This makes his mana regen faster and with his lifesteal he does not die every easily with the damage he does. You will not believe how many times the enemy has messaged to me "**** YI's ULTI!" Because it is just that OP if used right. This build can also solo Baron at lvl 18 just saying. ;)

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This rune build is primarily so you are very hard to kill early game. You hit hard penetrate armor and are hard to kill do to your armor and magic resist right off the bat.

Marks: I go with armor pen.
Seal: Armor of course :)
Glyph: Magic Resist aka. tenacity! :P
Quin: Armor Pen again!

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Basic 21-9 carry Mastery build. focusing on Offense then Def. I go to 21 Offense first then to 9 Def after.

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Yay the fun section!

I start with boots (I also buy 2 helth regen and 1 mana regen but this is up to you) I like to use my alpha strike to harass so you made need a mana pot if you are like me.
After this I immediatly rush (Phantom Dancer) it is almost like this item was built for YI. The attack speed and crit on it are so sick and if you get a couple ganks early game having this at lvl 6 or 7 is so OP!
Next it is time to buy some more attack speed (Recurve Bow) is awesome cause it builds right into an important item later in the match.
After this Life Steal (Emblem of Valor)!!!!! Now you will be hard to kill, your goal is to have this by lvl 10 now you should be unstoppable 1v1 or even in some cases 2v1.
Time for some damage (B.F. Sword) this should be easy to get if you are ganking correctly.
Now finish your first life steal item (Stark's Fervor) this is so great cause it gives your surrounding allies 20% lifesteal!!!! That is great in a team fight.
Now another (B.F. Sword) Now you are doing some serious damage and your lifesteal is keeping you alive. Do not think you are invincible you are not yet. :P But soon I promise. :)
Next Go with (Bloodthirster) The extra Life steal here is so epic!
Then go (Infinity Edge) The extra Crit and damag here is amazing and now you are noticing you are walking through 2 or 3 champs with full health.
And Finally (Phantom Dancer) Now you are OP!!!! Start to pwn! (Sometimes if I got the money I go (Hexteck Gunblade) here instead of a Dancer! This I am sure you can think is OP as hell with additional lifesteal almost unkillable!)

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Skill Sequence

Just look up top for the sequence I go wuju style maxed first this is your damage dealing spell and its passive makes you amazing! Then Alpha, finally Meditate, remember to upgrade Highlander when ever it is available. Now the fun part your COMBO!

It is simple and just use it everytime!

Alpha > Wuju > Highlander once they are ganked if there is another champ do it again! Remember your Ulti Highlander just refreshed all of your skills after your kill!

It is this easy:

Alpha > Wuju > Highlander > GANK > Alpha > Wuju > Hioghlander > GANK! You get the pic. ;)

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I go Teleport (so you can teleport to a creep wave overwhelming a tower to back door it, and also to get back to your lane quickly early game after your first buy.)
I also go Exhaust (this is self explanatory, slow them down for easier gank!)
You can also go flash, ghost, or heal (if you are new to playing YI).

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Early Game

Buy boots 2 Helth Pot's and 1 Mana Pot and run to the bush in whichever lane you are, top or bottom.