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League of Legends Build Guide Author jackattack052

Yi-The SpiritBlade Master

jackattack052 Last updated on November 19, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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BEFORE I BEGIN- The first rule with Yi is to be the most careful SoB in the world in the beginning. Yi is the WORST in the beginning, with pitiful damage, abilities, and survivability. You never ever ever ever EVER want to try anything risky in the least bit with Yi before you start jungling. Otherwise, your kd looks like 1-5-2 before you get out of the jungle.

Updates- Changed item build after experimentation.
Added in situational items.
Changed item explanations accordingly.
Kicked more butt with Yi.

On the list: Add in a written jungle how-to guide
Add in more tips for beginners
Test build more

Master Yi. Disregarded sometimes because he is considered, "easy", I have found him to not be the easiest I have played. Unless you play him correctly, you will simply feed the opponents. Yi can be the deadliest physical DPS in the game because of the item "Youmuu's Ghost Blade". This is because of the huge amount of advantages it grants him. That with his naturally high attack damage and attack speed from his ultimate, he can truly become, The Spirit Blade Master.

Masteries-I chose the basic masteries for a physical DPS, and defense for the dodge speed increase and little armor and resistance boost. The armor and resistance is very important for Yi, since you don't get any other hp items or resist/armor items. It will increase your survivability greatly.

Runes-I took as much armor pen as I could get because of how important it is to Yi. Instead of hp seals and whatever glyphs, I took dodge because it makes him impossibly hard to hit. 75% hit chance after phantom! Resistance because of how important survivability is to Yi. Reduced damage will help make sure late game your life-steal will be giving more than you are being dealt, and help with laning in the beginning. Hp runes are an argument, but with lifesteal, you want to gain more than lost. If you take less damage, than lifesteal can keep you alive forever, but if you just have more hp, then it only delays death.

Summoner spells Not much of a choice here. Exhaust is the obvious choice EVERY Yi should have, because of how greatly it impacts your damage. 3.5 seconds for more hits is 7 more hits of 250- Thats 1750 damage! You hit twice each second because of your unique double ultimate's massive attack speed powers, even though this can be considered, an attack damage build.
Flash can be changed out for cleanse- but that is it. Ghost is redundant- you have two move speed abilities already. I have found cleanse to be much more useful. Stopping CC's on Yi turns teamfights around. His only weakness is a stun or blind.
Item Explanation

Mercury Treads- After testing, I have realized that berzerks are ******ed. Literally. 25% attack speed is nothing, and it does not cost that much more to get mercury treads which offer CC reduction, and magic resist. Since any kind of stun taunt etc is the only thing that hurts yi, this is key to the build. Never get Berserks. Ever. If not mercs, swiftness for better chasing and lane control.

Youmuu's Ghost Blade- Here it is. The Big Daddy. This blade is what makes Yi special. So many uses for this, I could write a guide for the ITEM. Not only does it give great stats like damage, penetration, and CD, it has an extremely powerful ultimate- and with a low cooldown of 60 seconds. The active will grant you 50% MORE attack speed, and 20% MORE movement speed. Add this to your ultimate, and you get a whopping 130% attack speed, and 60% movement speed increase. This is why this item is so good! It can do all this, but if you don't need Youmuu's, just save it for when you get ganked to escape. Everyone thinks a Yi with no ult is an easy target, but you can just activate Youmuu's and turn around and kill them, or if there are too many, just run away with the movement speed increase. Alright so it can do all that, but why do I NEED it? It looks good, and it is good. Yi is extremely vulnerable after a failed gank, with no escape mechanism. He is a sitting duck waiting to be munched on. Youmuu's solve this problem. You fail on the gank? No problem. Pop Youmuu's, and get out of there. You absolutely need this item, I do not understand why more Yi's don't have it.

Starks Fervor- This is where you get your lifesteal and Attack speed. You skip berzerks, so you sub in this. The aura is GREAT for teamfights. You need that lifesteal for those team fights and lane pushes, and everyone else gets some too.

Frozen Mallet- Great item. Period. 700 health is great alone, but 20 damage and an amazing slow makes your life much easier. A much tougher dps makes you a lesser target, so you can kill their casters and tanks easily. That slow makes chasing a breeze, and the damage helps just a little with your DPS.

Infinity Edge- This item is a great item for any DPS. Big damage, critical strike chance, and more critical damage with it. Yi really needs this item to boost up his attack since Wuju stopped leveling. Your damage will stop going up, so grab this to pump it up some more. I recommend getting the cloak as the first item (unless you can afford BF), since critical hits will assist Yi greatly.

Bloodthirster- Huge life-steal, huge damage. Everything a big fat Yi craves. I have seen Yi's with so much damage and life-steal they heal faster than they are killed. This item will make it easy for you to stay after a team fight to push because all you need is a minion wave to heal all of your hp. For the price, this item gives more damage than any item when maxed. Use this to increase your attack over 300 with Wuju.


Game Plan

Early game-

Grab a set of brawler's gloves, and 2 hp pots. Head toward your lane. Make sure you get wuju style first so you have a great farming ability. The criticals make it even easier, because of how often you already hit them. Do not overextend or do anything stupid- Just farm. Keep waiting for low hp minions, and hit em to get your gold. If you have a double strike, try to set up a kill on the enemy if they do something stupid. Always take your chances at very easy hits on champs, because you deal so much damage already. (This first section applies to 3v3) You shouldn't have to B to base. When you reach xi, immediately tell your partner adios and base for a vampiric scepter and boots.

If you have to mid, grab boots, and 2 hp pots and 1 mana pot. Careful of ganks, don't do much other than last hit. You need to farm a ton in the middle. Try to set up your own ganks on lanes, careful not to alert the opponents and grab a kill or two.

Mid Game- Your mid game starts VERY early. Unless you are a mid Yi, then the next thing you want to jungle. Alert your laning partner, and port to base, grab a vampire scepter. Begin to jungle as much as you can, and around level 10, go and solo the dragon for your team (earlier if you can). Continue jungling until 11 or 12,but don't be the ****** jungler who just STAYS in the jungle. ALWAYS try and set up ganks close to your spot, and save towers if the lane is dying. After this phase you will notice a HUGE jump in power for Yi. He will be much more potent in team fights and 1v1.

Late game
This is also early. Around level 13, once your jungle phase is over, Yi should probably have up to an almost or all-the-way complete Fervor (depending on kills). You can start looking for stragglers in the jungle or river, and grab some kills. In team fights, wait for them to start, then jump in, activating your double-ultimate combo. If someone flees, exhaust, and annihilate them. If the opponent starts to push, and foolishly leaves a tower hanging and you are strong enough to kill it, go backdoor it! This means you loop around, and smash the turret with NO minions, NO help. Just Yi, which is very hard unless it is a little damaged or Yi is very late game.

Situational Items-
Quicksilver-Overloaded with stunners or snaring/stunning casters, grab this and make life easy. Gets rid of ALL debuffs, including things like mordekaiser's ultimate.

Hexdrinker- This item could work if you face burst damage casters such as ryze. Good MR and damage, with an extremely OP effect. Good stuff.

Wardens Mail-Armor and a really good anti opposing DPS effect. Use if you have to face multiple dps including another yi, ww, trist, or other dps all on a team.

Sword of the divine- If you go against Jax, this item is almost required. You may want to sub it in for Starks, because of the ridiculous dodging from him.

Madreds' bloodrazor- Get this for massive hp or tank teams. Slicing 4% each hit is a huge amount when you have your ultimates going.

Black Cleaver- Another tanking team option. This one grinds armor into dust, for the entire team!
I hope this guide gives you success- It did and still does with me. I love using it in 3v3s also, just modify the tactics a little. Please don't rate down without a comment! Suggestions appreciated! Thanks!