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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Yorick 101

Last updated on July 5, 2011
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Yorick Build

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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This is just to represent how I play Yorick, and it won't be updated.

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greater mark of desolation
I stick with a standard tanky-dps rune set, although Yorick can use many runes.
I suggest using Armor Penetration Marks, Armor Seals, Magic Resist Glyphs, and Health Quints.
Seals can be switched for mana regen per level, or flat mana regen, along with Armor penetration Quints instead of flat health (Although I don't suggest it, since Yorick is pretty squishy even with the flat health).

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Pros / Cons

Strong Lane Phase with this build
Can alter the build easily to make up.
Good Chaser
Low Cooldowns
Ultimate Revives

You need blue a lot
You run out of mana
Must correctly time skills out
Squishy Early On
Dependent on Spamming skills

Yorick is considered very underpowered right now, so don't try to take a Jarvan head on - it's not gonna end up well.
Ult doesn't permanently revive.

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Summoner Spells

To me, these are the same, just chose the spell you like the most. (I suggest ghost though, as it will stack with q, making Yorick and unexpectedly good chaser).

This increases Yorick's ability to Chase, it'll also stop those annoying little champs such as Caitlin or Twisted Fate.

This spell's pretty mediocre for Yorick, as he has no real damage over time to work with. You shouldn't really be in level 1 fights that need ignite, so let your AP champ take it instead.

If you like teleport, take it. It helps either way.

You should not be taking any other spekks besides these - Yorick is a tanky dps, and basically only has these spells to use.

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This is also what makes this build shine from others. With 35% cooldown constantly, you can have 2 ghouls at least constantly out. At times, you can have 20% additional damage. Otherwise, it's a horrible passive.

Many builds like to use Omen of war as the main skill since it increases speed and damage, I don't. This skill requires you to be in 125 range of a minion just to work. In many lanes, you'll be harassed before you can even get near. As nice as it is - the skill is completely useless in the laning phase.

This is your main chasing skill. Make sure you use it at the correct time and location, as it has the longest cooldown of Yorick's skills. Also, the skill is rather weak early game, since it's very dependent on bonus weapon attack - which is hard to come by early game.

This is one of the only reasons why I played Yorick in the first place. This skill is simply amazing. In the lane phase, it will keep your health bar full almost all the time. Aside from being unusually spammable, the skill deals mediocre damage, but allows yorick to efficiently harass and heal the damage returned.

The skill is mainly to be used on squishy dps and mages. Refrain from using the skill on yourself in teamfights as much as possible unless you know for a fact that you'll be dealing more damage than they will. Overall, Yorick's set is very lackluster, but can be made up for if played correctly.

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Tear of the goddess is one of the most important items Yorick can have. You'll be spamming your skills after getting this as much as possible. By 30 minutes, you should have maxed this out completely. When you build this into Manamune, it'll start rolling heads.

Sheen is an important item on Yorick - due to his skill spamming, he can unload large amounts of damage. Try not to get into fights until you get this, or you know you'll win. This provides a substantial amount of damage even late into the game. It is upgraded to trinity which provides a nice buff for Yorick's ghosts.

Boots are bought much later as sheen and tear of goddess are much more important. The speed is necessary for later in the game. The shoes can be upgraded later into many things, as yorick doesn't need any specific type of boot.
catalyst the protector
Although many people use catalyst as a replacement for tears, you should not. The mana and health is necessary to keep him alive during mid game, and can be upgraded to a banshee's later to protect from mages.

This is to protect from any physical attackers, along with providing the much needed cooldown reduction. At max CDR, Yorick has a 3 second Omen of War along with a 4 second Omen of Famine. This means he'll be smashing faces all day long.

Manamune is what makes this build work. When you get the item, you should have around 3000 mana, giving you an additional 80 damage. At this point you should be incredibly tanky, and have a lot of damage and mana to sustain yourself.

I use these boots as a fast source of cooldown reduction. These can be replaced with mecury treads (If there are more than 4 CC's, I use 4 since almost nobody will target Yorick, he's too underpowered at the moment), or Ninja Tabi if there are 3 right clickers (not just Attack damage champions, as Attack Casters can't be dodged, which is the whole point of the boots.

Upgrade your glacial shroud and you should be set on armor, unless you're facing a team heavy on AD.

This item order can be switched by having this before your Frozen heart for earlier magic resistance. Everyone should already know the importance of having this item, it prevent one spell and provides decent health and magic resist along with it.

Trinity is basically the last item you'll ever need, it provides everything you and your ghouls need - health, damage, a slow proc, and speed. If you get this far then the last item should be your choice - as Yorick already has everything he needs.

These items are all optional

I like using Atmas's since it provides even more defense along with adding damage and critical chance (which helps with an Omen of War burst).

These are your last tanky items, you should be very tanky with all the items so far, and these will allow you to live even longer.

Unless you're just facestomping them, or you just want more damage buy these.
They all are good on Yorick, since he has a bit of everything.

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How to Lane

[Duo Lane]

Early Game: (pre-Tears)
Using famine, just harass lightly unless your partner is, in that case, just continue to last hit until you can blue pill for a tear of goddess.

Early Game: (Pre-Sheen)
You should be at least level 3. Continue to last hit. If they approach you to harass, use a combo of W-E-Q-E to fight back. You shouldn't lose too much health, and you should be able to farm back.

Early Game: Sheen
By now, Yorick should be able to do heavier damage, continue to harass with E and last hit with your basic attacks or Q, as it should only cost 40 mana, and help with maxing out your tear.

Mid-game: By now, you should get the hang of procing your Sheen times with your skills, at level 6 you should ask or just hunt down blue unless someone wants it. When you have blue - spam your skills constantly - even if it is just a minion wave. Each spell cast counts towards having more late game damage. By 30 minutes you should be able to max it. The basic combo to kill a champion is E-W-Q-E-Q-W and repeat. Your R doesn't have much chasing value - but is very important in team fights. ALWAYS use it on the champion that deals the most damage (excluding their ult). Don't use it on the tank unless nobody else is around - this skill doesn't permanently revive like Zilean's does so don't use it that way.

Late-Game: It's basically your mid-game, except you won't need blue as much.

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Laning Partners

Basically anyone with some form of CC will do well with Yorick. Self sustaining champions also do very wellwith him

Are bad laning partners, they either push too much, or just have a bad early game. Also Morde is bad to lane against and with. Any champion that is semi-dependent on killing creeps will eat Yorick alive, such as Nunu.