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League of Legends Build Guide Author CptnSt0rmF1re

Yorick insane dmg, insane tankyness

CptnSt0rmF1re Last updated on September 8, 2016
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Table of Contents
Guide Top

The build.

First item
2nd item
Black cleaver / frozen mallet
3rd item
Frozen mallet / black cleaver / titanic
4th item
Titanic / black cleaver / frozen mallet
5th item
Against heavy ad
Dead mans plate
Against heavy ap
6th item(if u sell boots)
Why those item? See in the next chapter!

Guide Top

The build, Part 2.

First item
Trinity is just an awesome item, with the q u destroy any squishie, as slon as u have trinity u reck 'em all!
Second iten
Now u have 4o choose 1
Black cleaver:Building black cleaver is good for Long fights, like a nasus matchup, becuz the ghouls also applie the armor pen, and its sick dmg with the armor pen, also the 20% cdr are nice, becoz the ult has a big cooldown
Frozen Mallet: frozen mallet is good for stomping the lane, becuz, lets take the nasusmatchup again for example,h are stompinghim, u stand 4/0 and he runs away as soon as he sees u. But with frozen mallet, he cant run away, as the ghouls also apply the slow, u can spawn ghouls, put ya E on him, and he cant get awaa
3rd item
Black cleaver: ~~~~~
Frozen mallet: ~~~~~
Titanic: as u build tons of hp titanic is a good choice becuz the dmg is insane! Q trinity titanic *boom* its not good as 2nd item i think, becuz u dont have that much at the moment, so your dmg is not that sick.
4th item
Black Cleaver: ~~~~~
Frozen Mallet: ~~~~~
Titanic: ~~~~~~~~~~~
5th item
Well at both, just tankyness, there is not much to explain.
6th item
Zz rot instead of boots: zzrot gives u movement speed near turrets, so it gives u more mobility, as u dont have boots. The splitpush with ult and zzrot is just insane also!

Against heavy slows swiftness
Against cc like stun Mercurys
Against heavy aa champs (yi, jax, trynd) ninja tabis
Against heavy enemy ad/ap comp , ninja/mercury.

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Ty for reading all this ****, i am a fkn bronzie, but if u read this, also bronzies can make "good" builds. For gameplay tips ... wtf watch youtube or smth like that!
Well, i hope u are a pain in the *** for ur enemys, and as this build costs pretty much, tell the jgler to gank often, so u get ya money faster.


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