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Yorick - The Invinisble GraveDigger

Last updated on January 14, 2012
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The Build; Items & Spells:


:You start with Ghost and Ignite; Ghost is for fleeing from or to catch up to enemy champions. Ignite is for getting the squishy champions that harass you, or those who get to confident of their skills.


You start out with the Dorans Shield for some extra durability.The items of this build is set to first satisfy your needs of mana,witch is important to do early if you wish to have any chance of survival.By upgrading Tear of the Goddess to Manamune you also gain some attack-damage early game. After this, you will gain permanent max-mana by summoning your ghouls or hitting minions. Next up you buy Boots of Speed and upgrade them as fast as possible to Boots of Swiftness. This will fix your problem with the slowness of Yorick, and combined with Ghost this will make you able to flee from or hunt down most enemies.
Next you start with building up Warmog's Armor to gain some more HP, witch you will later get back as Damage too. The Warmog's Armor grants you HP and HP-Regen by killing minions and getting kills/assists, so be sure to get as many minion-kills as possible. Use your Omen of Pestilense in a group of enemy champions to deal damage to them and thereby get more assists. Now you have come to the point where you should get Atama's Impaler to get damage from the health-stacking. When you have gotten this you just keep stacking Warmog's Armor, and before you know it you will have around 5K hp and almost 300 basic damage.

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Your Skills:

Unholy Covenant:
This is Yorick's passive.Yorick's takes 5% reduced damage and his basic attacks deal 5% more damage for each summon that is active. Meanwhile, Yorick's ghouls have 35% of Yorick's Attack Damage and Health. This is the reason for stacking HP and Damage.

Omen of War:
Yorick's next attack will deal bonus physical damage and summon a Spectral Ghoul that deals additional damage and moves faster than Yorick's other ghouls. While the Spectral Ghoul is alive, Yorick moves faster as well. This Omen get increased damage by Yorick's damage. This Omen can have up to 300 extra damage from Yorick's damage. You can cast this when out of combat to gain more movement-speed, or to rush into a battle and being able to summon both Omen of War and Omen of Famine at the same time for max DPS.

Omen of Pestilence:
Yorick summons a Decaying Ghoul that arrives with a violent explosion, dealing damage and slowing nearby enemies. While the Decaying Ghoul remains alive, nearby enemies continue to be slowed. This Omen is great for both fleeing from or catching up to an enemy champion. The slowing ability of this Omen can get your team kills from squishy champions and allow you and your teammates to catch up to them and get a free kill that they would not get without you. This Omen is also great to stop skill-shots, from for example Brand or Morgana, but this can be tough to do for fresh players. This Omen gains extra damage from ability power, witch we will not cover in this build, and witch will not be needed.

Omen of Famine:
This is the most important early- /mid-game ability for Yorick. Yorick steals life from his target and summons a Ravenous Ghoul that heals Yorick for the damage it deals. This Omen also gains damage based on Yorick's damage. More damage means more life-steal.

Omen of Death:
This is Yorick's ultimate. Yorick conjures a revenant in the image of one of his allies. If his ally dies while its revenant is alive, the revenant sacrifices itself to reanimate them and give them time to enact vengeance. This ability is really important in late game. You can choose to set a reveant on a dieing teammate or yourself (while low on hp is the smartest option). This reveant will be a copy of the targeted ally. If you cast this on yourself and die, you will be "revived" with full hp and mana and will be able to continue your battle and gaining more kills for about 10sec. In lategame, when you have loads of damage and hp, this will grant you many kills that would have been lost. Do NOT cast this when it is not needed, or you might loose the chance to gain more kills and a better stats.

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In The Beginning of a 5v5 Game:

When you start a game with Yorick, you will be weak, slow and fragile. Choose your Omen of Famine first, to gain harass on the opposite team, and to regain any hp you have lost from enemy harassers. You should choose to lane with a champion that can support you in any way. You should consider a supporter of any kind, or a tank/offtank to accomplish you. Personally i lane with Shyvana or Morgana. Shyvana is a great offtank with good damage, and Morgana can help me with her Dark Binding spell so that we can deal some proper damage together.

When you arrive at your outer turret you should consider if you are skilled enough to check the bushes with your fellow champion, or if you should rather stick to the first bush only and wait for the enemy to reveal them self.
When minions spawn you should not confront your enemy. Wait until your teams minions come to the battlefield and starts fighting the enemy minions. Already now you should start getting some minion-kills. This is a vital part of your build, and can not be ignored! You should not die in the early parts of the game, because this would cause you to loose valuable amounts of important early-game-gold. If you cant handle the pressure of beeing aggressive without dieing, play defensive and get gold from minions. Try to plan your mana-usage, so you do not run out of mana too fast. When you get 995'Gold, recall and buy Tear of Goddess. You will not have to recall before you can afford Manamune (1150'Gold).
After you have bought Manamune its even more important to just keep harassing your enemies and getting hits on minions to increase your mana. Keep farming gold from minions and use your Green Omen to slow an enemy enough to hit him with your Blue Omen and summon your Red Omen and gain a kill. This can be done all the time, but be aware of silencers, ambushers and stunners. Keeping good communication with 1 or several teammates can make or break you as a Yorick player. After getting Boots of Swiftness (1K'Gold) you can attack, follow and flee from enemy champions with more ease than before. This is the start of your rule as Yorick. When we are closing in to 15-20min you will be able to, or at least being close to, getting your first Warmog's Armor at best, or if you have had some trouble farming you should at least have the Boots of Swiftness by now. If you and your lane-mate have the skill, level and ability to get the dragon, do this as fast as possible.

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In The Middle of the Game:

Your current items would idealy be : Dorans Shield, Manamune, Boots of Swiftness and Warmogs' Armor.
This is when you will start to realise the true power of Yorick. Try to get the dragon as soon as it re-spawns. The dragon is a huge advantage for both you and your team, as you will get your Atma's Impaler faster. This will make you even stronger and give you the abillity


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