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Yorick Build Guide by hermitpermit

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author hermitpermit

Yorick, Your Friendly Neighborhood Gravedigger

hermitpermit Last updated on June 23, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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So you have Yorick, and Phreak hasn't come out with a spotlight yet. You really wanna build Yorick but you realized his minions are kind of lightweights as of yet but you really wanna play him now. Well Hermitpermit is gonna show you what he came up with for good old Yorick. It's gonna be a bumpy ride so you may wanna grab on to a ghoul for the duration of the trip.

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First thing is first and how to build him before the game even starts. But you may ask me, "Hermit, what in the world am I doing?" Well I have an answer for you and this is how to do it.

Yorick is a complicated champion to understand which people are calling underpowered. He lives and breathes on his passive which says he hits 5% harder for each minion he controls which is out at that moment he swings that shovel. His minions have a percentage of his attack power and health. As this guide is being written, that health decreases over their 5 second expiration date.

This means Yorick loves Attack Damage and Health and casting as many minions as he possibly can. If this man was in a missile control room, he would be pressing all the buttons as fast as he can. This means his runes have to be built to help him last through his early game until his items can carry him through.

His quints are health, because he wants to live through Level 1 shenanigans.

His Seals and Glyphs are Mana regen because he needs to keep casting them ghouls and doesn't want to go back.

His Marks are Armor Pen to help that shovel do more damage.

I built this rune page to keep his early game strong. He has a hard time early with mana and the seals/glyphs help with that. His quints will help him survive taking out an early jungle ganking group and the marks will help you beat their face in.

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His masteries has everything a growing zombie needs. It's 0-16-14 to keep him growing big and strong. The utility tree has some nice mana regen, gold increase, and gives him a boost to his summoner spells that he will be using to catch people in his clutches. The defensive tree gives him some armor, magic resist, health, and physical damage blocking so he stays alive in the early game when farming is critical to his success.

These masteries are catered to his early game again to make him really burly and strong. Late game he can take care of himself.

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You start out as tiny gravedigger. He wants to go dig some bodies but needs the right stuff. As you are his summoner, you should start out by giving him his Doran's Blade. Gives him everything he needs to grow big and strong, health, damage, and lifesteal. Send him into the world in the top solo lane or bottom lane if it isn't a solo. Don't forget to take Omen of War as your shovel bonk is the strongest damage you have access to.

He needs to farm, so let him last hit all those puny minions that aren't yours. You need all the gold you can get so go ahead and Q them minions if you need the last hit help. If a champion gets in the way of you farming, don't be afraid to hit him with your q once to show him who is boss. If your in a duo, you need to be a bit more careful and coordinate with your teammate to help you farm or beat back the opponent. All of your spells at level 3 combined with your ignite if you took it should kill a champion.

If you have been using your spells often, you realize that you run out of mana and fast. If you want the mana to keep on casting, you will want to get a tear of the goddess along with a dorans blade and small boots if you were farming well or got some first blood somewhere.

This tear of the goddess builds into a Manamune which grows along with Yorick as the game goes on so build it fast even before you complete your boots if you have to. You will be surprised how well it keeps you going and how burly you are. But now you want to catch up to people and beat them silly. This is why Frozen Mallet is good and you can build it as your next item. I advise you build the belt first but if you have enough money, go nuts. The mallet will make sure when you hit someone, they aren't getting away from your stubby hobbling shovel smash.

Now you may be asking me, "Hermit, now I can cast my minions all day and I can beat people to death. What do I do now?" The obvious answer is to buy stuff which lets you hit them harder. My advice in this situation is the Atma's Impaler. It's gonna give you some more damage based on your health and help you and your minions do more damage as the game wears on into longer then it should last. By this point in the game, the Manamune should be fully built and it's finished growing and you should have about 270 attack damage and your minions should be just tinier versions of you beating skulls. Now you wonder where to go from here.

I like Warmogs and Banshee's Veil, they are both strong items and help you build more damage on top of what you already have. It's your preference but a Bloodthirster would help you get more damage if that is what your craving. So keep in mind what the enemy is doing and you should be a happy happy zombie.

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This is a note on Jungling. As this build is the day after he came out, people will want to try to jungle with Yorick. DON'T DO IT! It's too slow to be good and he has no gank potential. Don't do it.

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That is all

Leave your comments and your votes as you see fit. Enjoy Yorick, he sure is a fun champion to play and he needs some love. Give the zombie some love please, he is dead after all and has only his zombies to love him.