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You can run, but you will die tired!

Last updated on January 5, 2011
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Hello Gamers. Welcome to my build/guide for Caitlyn. This is my first build/guide, so bare with me, and I hope it helps you out as much as it has helped me. Also if you think this build sucks which I'm sure some people will. Leave me a comment with some ideas on how to improve on my build, as this is my first one, thanks.

So in this guide I will explaine my playstyle, items of choice for Caitlyn, and hopefully you guys will like it, and get some awesome results with her.

So enjoy.

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-Great damage if used right.
-Awesome lanner
-Super long range
-Long ranged Ult with potential to do tons of damage.
-Good 1 v 1 (If you know how to use her)

-Very squishy
-Is pretty mana hungry
-Is very vulnerable when using her ult.

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So how do I play Caitlyn. Well to be honest that all depends on who I go up against. Now I know some people judge how they are going to play on what champs they are going up against. Well I do the same but I also take it a step further. I try to get a feel for how my enemy plays as well, to help decide how I will play. My general play style with caitlyn so far is defensively because she is a pretty squishy champ. But if during gameplay I notice the other champ(s) I'm laning against are a little more on defensive side then I will of course play more offensively, and visa-versa.

I will also make use of the bushes as much as possibly oviously because of her passive ability. You can destroy another champ pretty quickly if you play smart and use the bush to your advantage. Meaning shooting minions from booshes, until you get your critical shot then popping out and hitting the enemy with it every time you get it. Just remember not to over extend yourself.

Also on a side note some of you might be saying "well why don't you get cleanse for a sommoner ability", and the reason for that is because with the way I play caitlyn. I don't need it. I have learned how to conserve her mana and only use it when I need to int eam fights or just laning by myself. Dont don't need to use your abilities at all in order to farm well with caitlyn. So you can save all your mana for when you need to hurt the other champ.

One more thing. When I am in team fights with caitlyn I will generally let my other teamates inicciate the fights and stay back and use my range, unless I'm 1 v 1 ing, and know I can take out the other person.

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So for Caitlyns runes I went with the typical Armor Penatration Quints, and Marks.

Now for my Glyphs I leave it up to you guys. I however use Cooldown reduction with Caitlyn, because it helps her get her 90 caliber net sooner which in turn gives you more servivability or destruction power in team fights. However I have used Attack speed Glyphs with attack speed seals which also helps give her that little extra shot if you need it. Both work out well.

Now if you decide to not get attack speed Seals which i usually dont I go for Life per level, because Caitlyn is a very squishy champ, and it has saved my butt on occasion.

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Now for caitlyns masteries I have chosen a 21/8/1 setup. I do this because well like I said Caitlyn is pretty squishy, and when I play with this mastery setup. Compared to others I seem to servive a bit longer this way. Although it is up to you. She is still pretty new so time will tell which setup really is the best for her. As I play more also I will continue to update this build/guide to make it better.

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Ok, now it's time to talk about item setup.

So I generaly start out with boots of speed. I know alot of people like to buy a dorans blade in the beginning, but I don't. I personally think it is a waste of money that could be spent towards getting you your B.F. Sword quicker for you Black Cleaver, and getting that is very important, because Caitlyn needs some damage dealing items to be affective at all in team fights.

So as soon as I have enough money to buy my Berserker boots I head back and buy them, after I make sure the lane is pushed out far enough or get someone to cover the lane for me. Usually when I get my boots I will get a couple of potions as well because at this point she still has under 1000 life. I generually stop buying potions after I get over 1000 life.

Now after I buy boots is were I sometimes stray off from the item build above. I generally get the build above, but I costantly switch it up depending on who I'm going against. Usually though I get myself a zeal for a little more attack speed, and movement speed, because the more movement speed mixed with her 90 cal shot = an easy get away. Plus having ghost helps too. But at times I will rush my Black Cleaver, or I.E., or my Bloodthirster, just to get that little extra damage.

However though my first three items are generally set, and I usually always get those first. After those, if I'm going against a tanky team, I will buy Madreds Bloodrazor after I get Black Cleaver for that extra damage to tanks, and for the speed. Then I will proceed and get Bloodthirster for a little bit more servivability.

Now If I am going up against a heavery Attack damage/Caster team (squishies) I will rush my I.E. and Phantom Dancer for the critical chance, and critical damage % with goes great with Caitlyns passive. So when I do that I just see squishies health drop faster then I can type "OWNED" (I really dont type that, just an example).

So as the game progresses depending on who I go against decides the items I build. So like I said if they are tank heavy, then go for anti tank items (i.e. black cleaver, and madreds bloodrazor). If they are more squishy then go for more attack speed, critical chance items (i.e. Infinity Edge, and Phantom Dancer). Now if the are kind of balanced the get a balanced mix of both items. Just use you head and figure out what works best.

Oh and one more thing. If you find yourself dieing alot. Then get some items to help get you more life like Frozen Mallet, and a Banshees Veil I find works out well.

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Skill Sequence

Now for my skill leveling it is pretty basic. I try to keep my Q, and E skills the same level as eachother because those are the ones I use most for damage, and i keep my traps one level bellow them. The reason for that is, because I find that the traps dont really do all that much damage. I use them more for the stun affect then anything else. You could if you want even just put one or two skill points into you traps and just level you Q, and E even faster. I find that that works well too.

Now I try to keep my 90 cal skill leveled with my piltover skill because the higher the level the less cooldown it has, and that skill has come in handy so many times where it has saved me from certain death.

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Summoner Spells

Sommoner spells as well are pretty basic. I get Ghost for more servivability and chasing ability, and exhaust for those pesky dpsers. Although if you dilike any of these you could always get a cleanse, or flash which both work out well with caitlyn. whichever your playstyle is,and your use to I would recommend.

I have however seen people get Cleanse, and honestly its not bad for her because she is really mana hungry, but with the way I play, and dont really have to much problems with running out of mana, but if you do then by all means get that instead.

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So that is my build/guide to using Caitlyn. She has alot of great potential to be the deciding factor in whether you win the game or not, and she is an all around pretty sweet champ. I kind of think of her as a ranged version of Master Yi.

Anyways post some comments, and whether or not you liked my build/guide. If not at least do me a favor with some tips on how to improve, because the goal is to make her the best, and sometimes other people think of things I missed that might be better.

Well thanks for reading and I hoped this helped you out. See you all out there on the fields.

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