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League of Legends Build Guide Author JEFFY40HANDS

You Just Got Decieved

JEFFY40HANDS Last updated on November 5, 2010
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LeBlanc: The Deciever is also the newest Champion to grace the Fields of Justice. Seductive and strong she'll have your enemies begging for a swift death. In this guide you'll find the standard bells and whistles. A series of bits of informations ranging from why I wrote this guide to what I've found out to be a solid build for her.

Overview: Leblanc is a rather complicated champion to understand and play effectively. She has a solid base health pool, weak physical attacks, and strong spells. She can be a nuke but primarily she is a disabler DPS towards late game. My build focuses on a solid early game with a high end game. Her cool downs aren't too hard to manage, her ultimate is on a rather short cool down and is very deadly when used properly. She is not too mana dependent and has solid damage output, but I still grab a Doran's Ring for the AP, HP, and MP5 for early game laning or solo mid.

Masteries: Standard AP DPS Mastery set up. 9/0/21, points in offense for spell pen, the rest are put into Utility for CDR, Mana Regen, Improved Flash etc.

Summoner Abilities:
Flash- This is turning into a LoL player's favorite. Flashing over walls or into/ out of combat it is a great utility ability, Ghost has a longer sustainable affect I'd rather not have to run around walls when I'm at 10 hp.
Ignite- This is to help shut down those annoying heal spam idiots who think the spell is actually worth something when you hit summoner level 30 (Of course heal loses it's luster at summoner level 5 or so it did for me.)
Other Viable Summoner Spells: Ghost, Teleport, Clarity, or Clairvoyance.

Item Build: I went for a solid build. Something that can generate lots of AP but provide a solid defense as well. Catalyst The Protector is to aid in laning. With it you shouldn't really ever have to B (If you're careful). Yes I did get a soul stealer, I know aout 50 of you are going to post how you don't like snowballing items, I put it in here early so that you can try to build stacks. If you don't like the item then start building a DFG, the CDR and Active will be quite helpful. The Hextech Revolver is for some nice late game spell vamp (for those of you who don't know spell vamp is life steal for casters). It's odd to see it on a champion other than Akali. But it's different from most AP carry builds, if you don't like it build a different AP item. Solid choices instead of a Gunblade or Mejai's are Lich Bane or Abyssal Scepter.

Champion Abilities:

Sigil of Silence(High Priority): It's a primary skill. Solid range and when you hit your target with another ability after the sigil is applied you silence them. Very good skill to use against those kinds of escape artist champions like Kassadin or Vladamir.

Distortion(Third Priority): Essentially it's a dash attack that allows you to tele back to your previous position. It's very nice for early game harassing in conjunction with Sigil of Silence.

Ethereal Chains (Secondary Priority): Like Swain's laser bird and his snare combined however it's a very long tether and does a solid amount of damage. Great for enemies who are prone to CC. Also good against stealth champions like Twitch or Eve.

Mimic(Ultimate Priority): The most interesting ultimate I've ever seen. The last ability you used "charges" your ultimate, pressing your ultimate (R) will essentially bring up the same thing you would see depending if you used you Q,W, or E. The damage for each ability is significantly increased. 25% at rank 1, 35%, at rank 2 and 50% at rank 3. A standard combo I use once I hit 6 is Distortion to hit my opponent and close distance, Sigil of Silence, Mimic Sigil, Etheral chains, ignite, finish with another sigil when of CD.

Early Game: Grab Doran's Ring and a Health Pot. If you get mid or a solo lane then grab Sigil of Silence first, great for harassing the enemy as well as setting them up with a secondary attack when you hit level 2 so you have some nice damage. If you're Laning with someone then grab distortion or Ethereal Chains. Why you ask? Sigil of Silence only becomes a silence when you have another spell to pair with it so the order doesn't really matter. With Distortion's ability to tele you back to your starting position when you actvate the spell within 3 seconds you can face check bushes or harass the enemy while they cant really do anything back to you. Ethereal Chains has a long range and can also be used to help check a bush.

Mid Game: Hopefully you are out farming your enemies and still keeping up with harassing. You should have basic boots and Catalyst the Protector by now. I usually grab a second Doran's Ring to help with MP5, HP ,and AP to keep a slight edge on other AP enemies. Build a Mejai's if you're doing well otherwise focus on finishing your RoA then your Sorc Boots and a Void Staff.

End Game: You should have everything except a Zonya's ring by now. Your job in team fights is primarily single target destruction of the enemy squishies. With your ability to silence you could shut down an enemy Katarina when she pops her ultimate (Sigil her Distortion to her done) or a Twitch because of their genereally low Health Pools. Leblanc is a single target DPS/Disabler so you can't just attack anyone. Your job is to counter and lock down their carry. Ethereal chains can be used for some solid damage and the snare but save that for after a teamfight to chase down the enemies who manage to get away. Your rotation isn't really that apparent because it is all situational. In a 1v1 (or when you're focusing an enemy in a teamfight) scenario you can go acouple different routes. I generally like to have sigil on my ultimate. Open with Mimic's Sigil/Distortion to target/ Sigil/Ethereal chains target/ wait for CDs. Essentially you've just chain silenced your enemy and nuked them quite effectively. Sigil is often the first thing off CD and does solid initial damage. I've also enjoyed mimicing distortion. It is not the strongest attack but becuase you can distort through walls it can be useful in an escape. (Not to mention your passive can be controlled by using alt and right clicking so you can set up amazingly cool looking escapes)

I know this guide isn't much but it's how I like to play Leblanc. If you have any questions or comments leave them here. Please don't downrank without leaving a comment that doesn't help anyone.