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League of Legends Build Guide Author QUAZZY

You must be trollen (dps off tank)

QUAZZY Last updated on December 5, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey there, this is my build on how to use Trundle as a DPS off tank.

Summoner Spells:
Ghost: One of my all time favorite spells. This can be used to get away from a gank and get into one as well. Note this spell does stack with your Contaminate. Meaning that you will go even faster when on Contaminate.

Exhaust: Any dps melee champ should get this. 100% miss chance as well as a slow makes it an easy pick.

Other good options
Smite: Because this is not a jungling build i did not put this into the "core" spells. However this can be used for a quick health regain form your passive when in need for a quick heal.

Flash: Also good for getting away but in my opinion Ghost is far better.

Mastery Tree. Basic dps tree with only one twist I guess you can say. Instead of the 1g every 10 secs I went with more cd reduction.

Reasoning behind the skill sequence:
Rabid bite is your bread and butter move this is why I max it first. My next spell that I max is pillar of filth. The reason I do this is that you can block or slow the enemy champs for longer. I then max Contaminate last. HOWEVER you can max Contaminate before pillar of filth but I find that the pillar is better at max for the splitting and slowing of groups.

Start off with a ruby crystal at the start. This will give you about 800hp from the start so you can take some damage without having to port back. After this make a phage (will be made into something later). If you are facing a team with a lot of cc I would use merc treads (this does stack with Contaminate). However if you are not a ninja tabi is fine. Pick up a zeal for some attack speed and crit chance. Build this zeal into a phantom dancer after so you can get even more movement and attack speed. This is the part that is different for every team. If you are facing a team with heavy physical dps take thornmail if it is a team of casters take force of nature. If it is a team of half casters and have physical use your judgment and see what one will be better. You then build your phage into a frozen mallet. With more health and a slow your enemy champions will be crying. If you have a team that is heavy on tanks take a bloodthirster if they are heavy take a black cleaver for the armor pen. After this take a last whisper for some attack speed and armor pen. If you think that they 20 armor is not going to be needed take another phantom dancer and sell your ninja tabi.

When to use your ulti:
Your ulti can be used in 2 ways.
1) offensive, make the tank cry as you take 25% of their armor and magic resistance. Remember this armor then comes to you so tank as much as you can.
2) defensive, as you are running away use your ulti on the tank it will take away some of their health and make you heal. As said above the armor and magic resistance comes to you as well.

Tips and tricks:
Rabid bite's cd is shorter then its duration. Use it to keep your attack damage up.
Rabid bite also pushes you toward the enemy you are using it on. This can be used to chase as well as run away.
Pillar of filth can be used to separate a team. When everyone is bunched in the middle ping a person and put the pillar in the middle making the 5v5 into a 5v3 in no time.
Contaminate stack will all cc reduction as well as speed increases. Use this to get away and get to places.

Thanks for reading! if you down grade or up grade this please leave a comment on why you did so.