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You want to kill me ?

Last updated on July 18, 2010
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Pantheon is my favorite random game played champion:

- Gr8 harassment ability
- Imba low lvl killer
- Big amount of dmg
- Pretty squishy
- low mana
- After using combo kinda week for few sec's

5v5 guide
We start with mekkis pedant and health potion, try to get a line with stunner, disabler (chars u dont want to have as partners: teemo, twitch other chars that can steal ur kills easy) Best line partner IMHO are taric or soraka, also ashe or shen (supporting u with taunt/slow). If u got FB till minions spawn (in most cases if there is a fight in grass u got it just use spear, autoatack, exhaust if he start running flash and u got it) Fast recall to base and get a Long Sword.
On line act like fearless warrior, use ur spear (rly low cost of mana and almost no CD gives u a possiblity to harash chars like ryze or teemo as hell). When ur opponents get half hp stop hard harrasment and gather mana waiting till lvl 3/4. When u get it tell ur partner its the time, use simple combo (on low lvls its almost allways a kill -> Spear -> stun -> heartseeker -> spear) for getting a kill. No philosophy in this. Ofc watch out for chars like mordekasier or other tanks (rammus is week on low lvls so i dont count him) we dont want to fight them on our line.
Ok, ur lvl 6. Recall ASAP and watch the battleground, u got ur ulti so if u see enemy with half/ 75% of hp jump on him and get some kills. (There is a little practice with jump. I will give u an advice. Allways aim ur ulti to not get ur opponent a way to run. Eaven if that means that u will not hit him with ur AoE ulti. When ur lvl 6 u can eaven try a towerdive with ulti, nothing hard and u will be alive in 80% of cases (thats why u have flash right?)
Now ur goal is to fight on ur line, supporting other wheneaver u can (u need kills right?) Make sure u will never waste ur ulti. Jump when ur friend is in danger, when ur towers are being atacked or simply u got a free kill somewere. This is also moment when team fights starts. Don't worry, u can allways jump to ur friends when they get ganged.
Late game:
Ok, now ur a little bit weeker than in mid or early game. Ur goal is to join teamfights and make as much dmg as u can. Even if u will die its worth, heartseeker have devastating dmg, if u aim well u can kill enemies carry and get one to 20% of life. U cant rly imagine how many triple kills I have with panthie.

Now little bit about items:

Mekkis pedant: item that must be in ur build. U just need ur mana to spam spears (if there is a strong caster/casters in enemies team upgrade is ASAP to chalice (this will give u a chance to towerdive on chars like ryze without being killed in mid game)
Long sword, boots: I try'd many builds with panthie, many item setups. Boots are not so improtant in this build, my choice is swiftness cause it gives u speed to chase, run or just going ASAP to other line. Ofc if there are rly strong casters, stuners etc. in other team get mercuries, analogical with ninja tabi.
Now long sword and making brutalizer then Yommumu. Its just imba item for panthie, gives u all u need. Armor penetration, AS and running speed on active (never forget to use it, in most cases to run or just push tower) there is just one BUT.
If u own ur enemies and got big amounth of gold cause u did not need to go back to spawn get a BF sword instead of Yommumu's. Why? It's simple pathie need to do as much dmg as possible with heartseeker and BF (then infinity) is just made for that.
2nd thing is when ur line opponents are just being owned by u with no problem get occult. Panthie with 10-20 stacks is just a GOD. And with jump and some skill u will get ur stacks rly, rly fast.
Ok, u got ur boots, u got chalice and Yommumu/BF/Occult. Now its time for some thinging. U got imba dmg but u get killed too many times or ur opponents are running to fast for u.Now u need to know, u need survivality or moore DMG (if there r tanks in opponents team u can need a last whisper)So u decide to take one of this items:

-Infinity Edge -> will give u a rly hard boost to DMG and will make ur criticals much, much stronger (remember that u got passive from hearseeker)
- Frozen mallet - ok, this item is just awesome if u get to much dmg. Gives u 700 hp ! and some dmg + slowing targets.
- Bloodthirster - u need some lifesteal ? Get this one
- Last whisper- as I said before, u will need it if there is chars like mordekaiser, rammus or other stacking armor champion - LW + Yommumu + runes gives u rly nice armor penetration.

I wont lie game will end in most cases after u got ur Yommumu but if not u again need to see what u need. Stron Casters ? Get some magic resist, Banshies Veil, Force of nature anything.

Summoner spells:
Exhaust/ Ignite: well, i thing there is no need to explain. Exhaust will just save ur *** so many times that u cant eaven imagine (1v1 with Yi, Xin etc.)
Flash: Well, i cant imagine panthie without this. Gives u so many possibiliets (i save this spell to use it on 3rd lvl for enemies who dont want to get close, flash -> combo. Same when ur running or chasing chars like trydamere, shen etc. (which can run throught some walls etc.) U need some practice but when u will get that, Flash is just IMBA.

Panthie on mid:

Yeah, u can go mid. And u will own almost all chars that go mid. Just dont try to fight Karthus, Kat and anivia they r rly hard pice of opponents for u. Also morgana is ******e, but not so much.
But ashe, TF, Ezreal and others on mid are just to easy, u get ur pedant to spawn them with spear, they cant eaven come close to minions to not get some serious dmg and u lvl up till u get combo. Then fast flash and -> U have slain an enemy :)
Letting panthie to go mid have also rly big + for ur team. U get ur lvl 6 rly fast, then a quick recal to base buy items and jump to other line. Its a kill, in 90% of cases. I almost cant imagine a jump without kill when i play Panthie (well, its about 200 games i played with him so, u will need some practice :)

Well in this games panthie show his real strenght. His ulti is just undodgeable in 3v3, lines are too small. Take a solo line and i guarantee u will be a owner of game (be carefull with fighting mordekaiser on solo line, his hard but not impossible.

Remember about ur passive, it gives u a strong possiblity to towerdive on low lvls (1 shot from tower blocked... just gr8 !) Same when u want to push tower and ur enemy with low helth dont want to recal, u can spear him eaven when he hugs tower.

Allways remember: dont waste ur heartseeker, it have long CD so dont waste it on mobs, u dont know when u will need it.
U got ut passvie, autocritic when enemy have 15% life, ur imba in KSing and last hitting minions.
Try to allways use ur heartseeker after stun, hard to hit without it.

Well, I belive its all. My english is not too good but i hope u will understand my build.
Waiting for comments, and remember:

Spartans never surrender ! :D