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League of Legends Build Guide Author Crazy Smurf

Your Complete Vladimir Resource *NEW BANNER*

Crazy Smurf Last updated on January 20, 2011
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Hello there, if you are hungry for some bloody expierence then you sure have come to the right place. I would like to share my Vladimir playstyle with You, I hope you will like it. So stop being negative for a little while and get ready for reading:)

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Pros & Cons ~ A total overview

Thanks to his Passive, Healing and no Mana Pool Vladimir is by far my favourite champion all the time. Now for the outlook:

Attributes: Farmer, Flee, Heal, Mage, Nuke, Ranged, Slow, Tough
A commentary from Vladimir: I surely am a Farmer, I can earn gold and clean up the jungle without losing a drop of blood. Flee? Totally right, one Bloody Mary please. Mage and Nuker? You think Ryze can deal massive damage? Well, he stands no chance since I can endure him with a bloody ease. Am I Ranged? If you're going to ask such stupid questions I'll have to end your pathetic life! Slow?! Well, that one for sure. Tough? Indeed.
Tank? Insolent Kid, how dare You? Ah, well, it happens sometimes.

Pros of playing Vladimir:
- The best (Yeah, I mean it) Mid Champion
- Ultimate showdown of spam with his skills
- Great Survability
- Crazy Healing, just... too crazy
- Posseses the best last hitting move in the game
- On of the best Team Fighters (and Kill Stealers)
- Scoring Triple/Quadra kills is a bread and butter
- His Passive is really worth your time and counting
- The best chasing/fleeing skill a.k.a Bloody Mary (Sanguine)
- Can reveal stealthed champions/wards/mushrooms with Tides of Blood ($%#^ Teemo)

- They will try to gank you... a lot, had some tough expierence with those...
- Greatly depends on a team (Sure, sometimes you are the carry, they will be scared to even go 3v1 against you, well, feeders happen)

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Transfusion: Max this skill ASAP, nothing more to tell. One of the best skills in the game, if you ask me. It has low cooldown, very nice damage output, quite overpowered healing and has no time travel (so, if your opponent gets into range and they are low... then they are screwed. There will be no escape).

Sanguine Pool: Once again, I would tell it's the best escaping skill after stealths, this is all like: "Oh, so you want to take me alive? *Pops Sanguine* Get lost you Pro wannabe". Yeah, this is your only natural mechanism, though it's a great one when combined with Ghost (It's a huge boost for 0,5 second ~about 65 %~), now, when Vladimir is free I just keep on seeing those Vlads popping Sanguine at level 2 and getting all cocky for 2,5 seconds and then running to their turrets like little girls, Haha, hilarious.

Tides of Blood: Yeah, we came to the "hated" point. Both your enemies and You will hate this skill in the team fights, When maxed it has a plenty low cooldown and deal severe damage to all enemies. I just love guys retreating after Ryze-Vlad dual combo, something to be feared, really.

Hemoplague a.k.a "OMG, LOL, WTF, BBQ": <- Just a few expressions of my enemies when they get their HP bars reduced by 80 % after my usual combo. That's why Vladimir is such a badass team fighter or even 1 versus 2/3. If you can combine you 14 % increased damage with some AoE skills (Love you Ryze^^) and then some awesome finishing moves (Your Hemo included) like Karthus' Requiem you can terrifying results... Like a Penta Kill for Karthus or more often for yourself;)

Basic Skill Usage:
What you should do:
1. Go in and cast Tides of Blood, then Transfusion (to get on full health).
2. Keep on doing that...
3. If they are running: Pop Ignite and catch them with Sanguine (+Ghost if you need) to get that last Transfusion.

What you should NEVER do:
1. Use your ultimate in 1on1. No, no, no! Even if you can't kill him and you have that crazy thoughts to use your post-effect Ultimate, just NO! I obey you not to do so, it's a waste!
2. Go on him with Sanguine... Oh well... I don't really think you would stay alive with any DPS for 14 seconds, so... don't use at the beggining, unless you want to feed them, then go forth.

*Team Fights*
What you should do:
1. If you have some AoE character go with him and a tank, let your DPS wait somewhere near your opponents, on their backs probly. Tank should, you know, tank <.< Then you pop your Ultimate, Ryze goes all Crazy, pops his ulti, deals massive AoE, Cho knocks them airbone and you keep on killing them with your DPSes listening to some badass voices in your head "You have slain an enemy"... Sorry, had a flash-back -.-'
2. Read point 2 once again.
3. Read point 2 to get instructions on what to do now.

What you should NEVER do:
1. Go all cocky and use your Sanguine just NOW, cause you want to slow them down and then die, Yeah, keeps you in there, twice as strong!
2. Read point 1 until you clearly learn it by heart.

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Passive Ability... What makes Vlad a Vlad!

So... let's count, since Moba does not like percents...
According to the build we will get 34 % bonus AP (Ardor + Rabadon's Deathcap).

Now, for the counting:
AP: 735 (540: Items + 20: Rylai + 11: Runes + 3 from Masteries + 34 % of that Ammount from Rabadon and Ardor)
HP: You get 1323 bonus HP.

So... This gives us a total of 1823(+180-216 with Baron and Elixirs) bonus HP and 735 AP (+100-120 with Baron and Elixirs) with a complete build, considereing you have 20 % of Spell Vamp, 15 % and 9 MP you will deal a lot of damage with an additional healing and slow, plenty powerful, isn't it?

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Runes and Masteries

Let's start from Runes:

Marks: Magic Penetration. It's obvious, right? Let's proceed.
Seals: HP per Level, just the best choice for Vlad in seals.
Glyphs: AP per Level. I've considered CD Reduction, but I didn't find that flexible, and this is always bonus 35-more HP late game (Enough for 1-2 hits, heh)
Quints: Flat HP. Just because.

Now for the Masteries:

9/21/0 vs 9/0/21 -> Winner: 9/21/0
Simply, why? You see, I've played both for a long time, but now, when they fixed Ardor I can tell you, 9/21/0 Vlad is a masterpiece. You don't even realize how much more will you survive with Defensive Masteries (Yay! 1 Dodge per 100 hits, so cool!), yeah, extra dodge was the only available... The Utility build does not give survability, but thou it gives you speed, that's the only con for 9/21/0. However, you don't need extra Exp., cause you're on Mid. And Greedy is such an useless mastery... really.

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Summoner Spells

Let's make it quick.

What you should never take:
Avoid these spells like fire, they burn, they are like nasty girls/boys in your territory, all wanting to mind rape you.

Other speels are just good on very good for Vladimir. Standard Vladimir with Ghost+Ignite still wins the day, sorry Flash.

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Let me advertise - I've had a hard time writing it and I hated myself for doing this -.-

-Core Items-

1. Will of the Ancients:
A. It gives you a nice AP/HP boost, 20% Spell Vamp + Aura Effect. For me, every good Vlad should have this item, Aura that gives your allies 30 AP and 20 % Spell Vamp is not be avoided especially if you enter a Team Fight.
B. Replacements: Tried both Hextech Gunblade, Haunting Guise and Spirt Visage. None of them were too effective for me and Hextech was just too costly, when HG became useless late game. Spirit Visage had some healing impact late game, but still I liked Spell Vamp more. When Tides of Blood keeps on healing you... just wonderful.

Well, yeah. I just like extra speed on Vlad due to my 9/21/0 I can close the gap between me and my enemy for that Transfusion, also it pair up greatly with Ghost and Sanguine. Sure, you can replace them with Sorc. Shoes, but it's up to you.

3. Rylai's Scepter:
Probably the typical core item, used in all Vladimir builds, it's more or less Vlad's item, his dominion. It's up to you whether you want take this one first or maybe Rabadon, I'd go for Rabadon, more AP, more HP (due to 30 % AP boost), just awesome, but I miss the slow for like 10 minutes:(

4. Rabadon's Deathcap:
When I saw this item first on YT I just thought "Woah... It's time to change my Vlad build a bit." And so, Vladimir, Akali, Kayle, Ryze, Fiddlesticks - all of them take great advantage from this item, really great one. I'd suggest getting 2 of them, 155 AP is not to be missed, however more about it in "Optional Items".

5. Abyssall Scepter: 70 AP, 57 MR and another Aura type Item. Do I need to say more, with this one your Sanguine and Tides of Blood will rape them apart.

-Optional Items (Defense)-

1. Force of Nature: A good item for Vladimir. If your enemy is going high on casters, get one, you will break them down.
2. Thornmail: Heey! I just love healing myself and damaging DPSes with this item, don't you?
3. Warmog's Armor: Oh well, probly the most basic HP item for Vlad, I like it, thus I stopped using after Rabadon came out, if you want more HP go for it instead of getting 2 Rabadon's or an Abyssal Scepter.
4. Randuin's Omen What's cool? Slow them down with Randuine -> Spam your skills with Ulti, slow them again with Sanguine, your team will adore you. PS: It can be used during Sanguine, scary, isn't it?

-Optional Items (Offense)-

1. Mejai: If your enemies are low-ELO, feel free to rape them even more, I don't like snowballs though, personal reasons.
2. Haunting Guise: Wanna some MP, cuz your enemies are aroung 40-60 Magic Resist, go forth and take it.
3. Void Staff: Stacking MR, huh? *Buys Void Staff* - Damn You Vladimir, you scary!

-Optional Items (Utility)

1. Improves your Transfusion and Sanguine and gets you some survability along with CD reduction, though I don't find this item that useful late game.
2. Kinda of a Hybrid Item when it comes to Vlad, 50 Armor 180 HP and 100 AP with Passive, and that ********ed Stasis, you feel uneasy, get this item;)

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The Sanctuary ~ Mid.

Three Basic Rules:
1. Vladimir gets his full potential on Mid.
2. Vladimir is supposed to farm.
3. Vladimir must spam Transfusion each time it's up.
Extra Rule: Last Hit minions only, that's how We, High-ELO players, do it.

Early Game:
Play Defensive, just last hit minions, if the enemy gets too close and cocky probly, transfuse them once or two;)
About level 5 you will start doing some serious damage, so keep a bit closer (Just be careful if it's Teemo/Lux/Sivir/Zilean, these are harder to get along. After level 6 the real fun will begin.

Mid Game:
Along with level 9 and probably WoTA and Boots of Speed/Mobility you will start doing some serious damage. So with your speed start ganking lanes more often, really more often. And remember to clean up the mid from minions, a good way to earn some cash. About level 11 you can shine, gather in a team fight and the start the badasserness with your team. Get Hemoplague and begin the sluaghter.

Late Game:
If you have WoTA, BoM, Rylai and 1 Rabadon then they are more or less screwed. With your AP, big HP bar, slows and at least 2 maxed skills you will be the onslaughter on the battlefield, just stay behind your Tanks and Carries and keep nuking them along with your Ultimate on the right time. After gettng second Rabadon/Abyssal Scepter you can start killing them by yourself, simply getting Tides of Blood from a closer distance and hittinh harder with Transfusion.

- Always stay with your team during fights, you provide them great buffs, don't forget that.
- Don't get cocky, cause in that case even Sanguine will not save you.
- If you are being pushed to using your Ultimate as a finisher... do so, it's against my rules, but sometimes it has a big impact and results in 3-4 kills.
- Diving into 5 enemies with low HP (300-600). It's the time, when your adrenaline will get damnly higher then your will. Just pop into them on Ghost spammin your skills and chasin them down with Sanguine and for god's sake, at least get that quadra kill, then you can die :)

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More and More.

I would like to say Thanks to Riot for allowing all those Low-ELO Vlads to remember me I had to do this guide. Also, thanks to all TOP Guides, they have been kinda of an inspirations.

This guide has been done during Patch Version

More to come:
- Some cool screens and results
- Improved Graphic outlook
- Getting Cash Easily "Add-Guide"