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Volibear Build Guide by AutisticOstrich

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League of Legends Build Guide Author AutisticOstrich

Your Thunder Buddy- Jungle Volibear

AutisticOstrich Last updated on August 1, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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So i've been playing voli alot more in my ranked games and found he's probably the most fun tank to play out of the jungle and one of the most effective gankers and initiators in the game. Sorry this is my first build in a while so i don't know how to put the items and runes and what not in my description o_O but I'll do my best.So here we go

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I run a 0-21-9 just because the late game you have to be the tank and the armor and what not early in the jungle helps I'm sure you can run more offensive if you want but this is the most effective for team play later on and i use it on all the tanks i jungle with and it gets the job done :P

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Passive:When you go below %30 health you rapidly regen %30 of your health. The sustain you need at the end of team fights and helps coming out of the jungle to gank and make's the opposing laners think that they can take you and your team mates then bang massive health regen and their clueless.

Q Rolling thunder: Voli goes on all fours gaining movement speed and tosses an opponent backwards on next hit while on all fours.
I grab this when I'm getting ready to gank usually after red buff then max it last because it's only really useful for the toss

W Frenzy: Voli bear gains attack speed on each hit and stacks up to three times after three stacks volibear takes a bite out of an enemy dealing damage plus a percentage of his health.

This is your bread and butter for damage and being able to jungle take this first for the atk spd and the burst in the jungle. In a team fight if you can take a bite out of the opposing carry the damage will be very noticeable :D

E Majestic Roar: Voli roars and slows all enemies in the area and minions are feared.

I grab this second to fear the wraiths and what not in the jungle max it second as well to get the most out of the slow for fights.

R Thunder Claws: His claws get the power of lightning and applies magic damage on each hit and deal the magic damage to all near by enemies.

This is good for team fights and getting damage in on everyone around you and save it for that or if you need the damage boost in a 1v1 u can't win with out it. Don not use this in the jungle it's really a waste of it and only use it to push if you know you won't be fighting until it comes off cd

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Here is where i know I'll get some criticism but I'll try to explain but take it as you will. I think the armor pen marks are pretty straight forward in the jungle but you can use mana regen marks if you feel mana hungry with out blue. For glyphs i take 3 mr per level and 6 flat mr...I know that per level scales better after like level 6 or w.e but by then i should probably have my mercs and so i grab the flat ones for pre-6 ganks. Flat armor seals I know have the same issue as mr for the per level runes but in the jungle at level one the flat arm is way more useful and again your build covers your armor mid game. For quints i use health and mana not really a big deal on these you can take arm pen, arm, health or w.e you think will help more in the jungle early levels.

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Voli is a strong jungle and can start with almost any item but i run the Regrowth pendent and a health pot to start so i can grab boots and a Phil on my first back. If you have some extra cash grab a couple wards and pots. Next back grab a heart of gold and start G.A. I've started using G.A a lot more and early game it makes you a great tank and initiator for your team at the start of the mid game plus a sick passive :P. Next i build phage and run it to frozen mallet. After that your a monster with tons of cc between your toss, your slow and your auto attacks and decently tanky. Now you can finish your radiouns omen and then depending on the opposing team you can go atamas or maw. Either way you'll end up being a great tank, tons of cc, and lots of damage out put. Other items that work well with voli are Spirit Visage, ma'lady, madreds bloodrazor(if you feel more comfy jungling with madreds to start with don't really need it but w.e you like), rage blade works nicely with frenzy, timat can do some extra splash after you use thunderclaws and i guess instead of frozen mallet you can grab a crystal scepter but the slow isn't as effective because he has aoe spells but if your running more ap it works i guess. Personally I really don't like the atamogs that's on every champ now and i've tried to make a cheaper build that get's you good synergy and usefulness

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I normally start with the regrowth pendent like i mention but you could go with cloth and pots if your used to that but i don't run madred's because you don't need it your frenzy let's you clear pretty quick. I start at Blue(with leash if possible) then wolves, then wraiths, If anyone needs a gank grab red and go if not take golems with smite, then start at wolves again. Once you get back to golems the second time save smite and take red and try to get a gank in. After that you should have enough to get phil and boots (if you got a kill or two from ganking you can might be able to grab heart of gold aswell) then get back out there and jungle some more. Try to get some help on an early dragon if u can kill bot on a gank. After you get both heart of gold and phil let mid have blue they need it and just roam around and jungle when u see the lanes are pushed. Make sure you have some wards to try and counter jungle or to help out your team if you see a gank coming for them. Make sure you try to use your smite when ever it's up to get the extra gold. When your going in for your gank make sure you save your toss for when they try to retreat so you throw them back towards your tower and hit them with a roar. If they are a bit out of range start rolling thunder and flash to them for the toss, looks really pro if you can time it right but if rolling thunder runs out you wasted a flash. If you need more help jungling there are a lot of really good jungle guides that go more in-depth into it you should probably check out :P

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Summoner Spells

Personally i run flash and smite. Smite is necessary in the jungle with everyone. Flash is the most common spell just because you need it for the mobility but ghost could work well with rolling thunder, Exhaust will work on shutting people down in ganks or one v one, surge is meh could be fun in a team fight with thunder claws and maybe a quick jungle but the cd is too long for it, I'd rather something else over it but if you wanna use it this might be the only chance you get for it to be almost viable ahah. Ignite i know is everyone's fav but your really not the person to have it but if no one else grabs it and they have a swain, mundo or ww then grab it.

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Voli is the really the only tank i don't mind jungling cause he definitely has one of the most fun kits in the game. Gets really tanky, does a ton of damage to squishies and can use his cc to control a team fight. If your looking for a jungler to help you out in ranked games he's will be the one that helps out the team the most next to alistar or amumu but they're always banned anyway :P. Hope the guide helps thanks for reading :D