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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Zed for suckers

Last updated on September 27, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Zed is a ninja. Not any ninja but a badass ninja with blades that will cut down your team while slashing his way towards victory. Zed is generally a safe pick against any solo in today's assassin/tank meta. (EXCEPT KAYLE NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OP). His snowball potential is harder than a black man on Viagra and him juicing up his *****. Learn Zed today and kill people.

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Pros & Cons

- Insane single target burst
- Can dip in and out of battle
- Great ranged farming capability
- Hard to gank
- Snowballs hard
- Few counters (Ahri,Orianna, KAYLE)
- Can drop a carry's healthbar in a matter of seconds
- Low CDs
- Good splitpusher
- Invulnerability
- Ninja and Shredder combined in one

- Burns escape if used shadow to harass
- Not the best duelist
- Item dependent
- Can be shut down/denied hard
- Quicksilver sash and Zhonya's can negate Death Mark
- Kayle is a champion
- did i already say he needs items?

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Item Builds

Starting Items

Standard is to start Doran's shield as it provides a nice chunk of health, regen, and a potion for trading and farming.

Elixir is a good start against a lane you want to have control in such as Orianna or Kassadin.

Up to preference.

Mid Game Core

Cutlass is generally a first buy as the sustain and extra damage for the laning is great.

Brutalizer is good when you are completely crushing your lane opponent and prefer more damage with the cheap source of armor pen.

Hexdrinker if you are up against double AP or AP and jungle etc. If you want Hexdrinker get it as your first item because it scales poorly as the shield is better early than late.

Don't get boots as they delay your damage and you need damage fast. Always keep a few pots and wards at you on all times.

Late Gate

Upgrade your Brutalizer into a Ghostblade. I know all of you are asking, OMG WTF NOOB WHY NOT CLEAVER REPORT. Well let me explain:

- Ghostblade gives you an additional 10 armor pen.

- Ghostblade gives you sticking and chasing power along with BoTRK.

- All the stats on Ghostblade are all good on Zed. Attack speed for more dps, everyone can get lucky with crit now and then, and finally that sweet sweet armor pen.

Now you may want to get Cleaver if you have an AD stacked team such as Kha, J4, or Renekton.

QSS/Mercurial is a good item to remove those nasty CCs against Zyra, Thresh, and etc.

Maw if you got an early Hexdrinker.

Mallet is mediocre but can be ok if they are stacked on melees and you need to kite them. The HP and little AD is cliche.

GA against heavy dive comps or you are initiating (WHICH YOU SHOULDN'T UNLESS YOU ARE REGI) on their team.

Banshees against heavy poke teams or something like a Malphite or Blitz.

If you are just ROFL fed might as well just get a BT since you are one shotting carries anyways why not? lewl.

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Standard page for maximum damage output and good survivability for the laning phase. Switch out the resists for who are are laning against. You may also take points out of havoc for the tower destroying mastery if you please.

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Armor Pen reds are good on Zed because you won't need the AD to last hit minions since your passive already can kill minions with ease and ARPEN scales better.

You can take AD if you are looking to shove the lane early since Zed has pretty good ratios, up to preference really (GET ARMPEN).

Always take armor seals, nothing else.

MR flat or scaling if up against an AP team/mid. If they are AD stacked get flat CDR glyphs for the laning dominance. (Remember not to go over 20% CDR on energy based champions!)

AD Quints just to boost your ability damage but ARMpen marks are fine as well.

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Skill Sequence

Generally you will be maxing shuriken first because it is your main farming, harassing, and big chunk of damage in the laning phase. A double shuriken from shadow will REALLY chunk your opponents and will force them to back if you get good at hitting them. Also when you max q, the energy cost is decreased every rank which means more farming, harassing, and all the good jam.

If you started red-pot and are against a melee champion such as Fizz or Akali it is generally good to max E as you will go in for melee trades. Be wary that when you rank E the only thing you increase is the damage and not energy decrease. (THANKS MORELLO!!!!!)

Grab a point in Living Shadow at level 2 because that is generally when the jungler has finished his doubles and is likely to gank mid.

Death Mark is like the Omnislash of the League. You hail down from the above and cut your foe down in flurry of slashes and fancy poses. With this ult you can juke enemies, say goodbye to your enemies, show-off, and re-engage on your opponent. Make SURE you hit the double shuriken from in front and behind or any shadow position because IT is your main source of damage to amplify Death Mark. If your enemy flashes away press R back to the shadow in the front a continue to auto or shuriken them to death. Remember to use your actives when you ult (BOTRK, GHOSTBLADE) because they amplify your Death Mark damage. You can also use Death Mark to make sick plays such as escaping. Death Mark your opponent, Living shadow towards your tower, flash away R back to front shadow and W to the Living Shadow and make it on reddit. ALSO REMEMBER TO AUTO TO PROC YOUR PASSIVE IF YOU CAN THAT WILL ALSO AMPLIFY DEATH MARK. (Ignite does not affect DM.)

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Early Game

In the beginning phase of the game you have a few motives.

- Get as much farm as you can and not get denied HARD.
- You may go aggressive against Kassadins and such if you have good coverage on the jungler.

As long as you keep this mindset you will carry the game. Against hard matchups such as Ahri, Orianna, and Kayle such stay back and farm with your Q. If you pushed too far farm your jungler's camps and B if necessary.

In short, farm up and don't die.

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Mid Game

Oh boy these are the sticky parts of Zed's beautiful life. At this point you probably have cutlass + brutalizer or just straight out BotRk. This is where you can straight out kill your laning opponent. If you cannot kill your laning opponent start roaming down to your bot or top lane and pick off some easy kills. Remember to ask your team mates where they have warded. If they have CC it's probably an easu kill. Also push your lane and pink ward mid lane so they don't know where you are going.

Squirmishes at dragon are your specialty. Group with your team and wait for an opportunity to strike. Usually you want to flank the enemy team and wait FOR your team to engage or counter engage. Target whoever is the strongest such as an AD or the midlaner and go to town with them.


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Late Game

This is how the late game for Zed will usually work:

- You are split pushing because you are the strongest on the team and can duel anyone.

= You are grouping with your team and forcing objectives or fights (if you are ahead.) If you are behind the only advice I can tell you is buy a lot of pink wards and protect your towers and farm.

Just win already ****.


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