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Zed Build Guide by mila748

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League of Legends Build Guide Author mila748

ZED MID patch 4.5 (continuously updated)

mila748 Last updated on April 23, 2014
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ZED! i love him sice the first time i played it. with zed you only need to learn 1 or 2 thinghs

  • always remember the position of your shadows, is very important
  • know your damage output
  • know your enemy (I know ... it seems taken from a movie)

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Runes (in my opinion)

marks: i play zed without armor per cause i'll get it in mid/late game with last whisper and black cleaver (is already enought)

seals: i use hp x lvl because i don't like to play armor from when bonus armor was reduced, and hp x lvl give you 215 hp at lvl 18 (it's really good!)

glyphs: CD reductions give by runes + CD reductions give by maestries, you have 10% of CD reductions (trust me you need it) you can spam your Q whenever you want

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sometime i like to take 30/0/0 (only when, in lane, i am against squishy champion) and i must say that work!

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Skill Sequence and some tips!

very often i max Q first because it have a very high damage to single target, then i max E and W.
In some cases you can max E. Only when the enemy champion damage output is based on skills with gapcloser (i not reccomend to max E but if you wanna try there is no problem, you do a lot of dmg anyway). I never tried to max E but i think that could be performing against champions like fizz, katarina, nidalee....anyone can dodge your Q easly.
You can go melee do your E and proc your passive if you can, than use your W for escape, but your opponent will be very scared by the amount of damage inflicted and will not be able to react.... ;)........maybe.........

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Pros / Cons


  • insane single target damage
  • great escape
  • with passive you can't miss creeps
  • nice poke/harass with Q or shadow+Q/E
  • with brutalizer you can do what you want if your opponent is squishy
  • inhuman snowball if feeded
  • ......beh....he's a madaf*cking assassin!


  • feel much stuns
  • if you lose the lane you can't do much fo your team
  • if your shadow W is on cooldown you are very vulnerable to ganks
  • i can't find a lot of cons for the fact that zed is my main champ and i love it *^*

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my last games!

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the part that many were waiting for......

LVL. 2 COMBO very good damage output only if you hit the enemy champion with both shuriken

LVL. 3 COMBO the same of the lvl.2 combo but much easier to do, because if you hit the target with E you apply to him a slow which can help you to cast Q
+++[press again W go melee auto attack and proc your passive if it's possible]

FULL COMBO (i cast ignite first because i do not want the enemy to run away before I do the whole combo, then cast it first gives me a bit of time in more)
++ +++[now press R again if you can kill him with the explosion of the mark or press W and kill him! *^*]

other combos COMING SOON! (with video maybe)

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english is not my main language if I made syntactic or grammatical errors please report to me! thanks! :)