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Zed General Guide by ThisGameSux

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ThisGameSux

Zed: Shadow Always Wins

ThisGameSux Last updated on November 18, 2012
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Hello everyone. This is my first build, I appreciate any and all criticism. I made this build because Zed when played correctly is a pretty awesome champ. By building him tanky, his early game sustain and damage output is very hard to outmatch. Zed can also fly through the jungle and get early game ganks fairly easily. I hope you enjoy this guide. :)

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Pros / Cons

Very good mobility
Amazing burst damage without straight AD items
Very good sustain with items
Not item dependent
Clears jungle fast
Has Energy
Ult makes you untargetable for a second
Squishy early game
Hard to master
His Shadow always wins :(

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For Rune selection its really all up to you. I personally like running Flat AD Marks, Flat Armor Seals, Magic Resist per level Glyphs, and Flat AD Quints.

  • The Flat AD Marks give you an advantage early game in lane and the jungle
  • The Flat Armor Seals also give you an early game advantage in lane and the jungle
  • MR p/lvl Glyphs give you enough MR to to sustain against a AP Caster mid game
  • Flat AD Quints give you a strong advantage early game in lane and clearing the jungle

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Masteries again are really up to you. But 21/0/9 is really efficient it gives you good early game damage, and the extra movement speed and buff duration never hurts :p.

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Starting off with shoes gives you an advantage in ganking. You should then get your wriggles (don't forget the active, FREE WARDS) this will help you clear the jungle faster and give you a lot more sustain. Next get a Phage, this will increase your sustain during ganks and in jungle, the passive slow also makes your ganks a whole lot better. Finish your shoes focusing on defense (Berserker Greaves are not efficient because Zed doesnt really use attack speed). Next finish your Frozen Mallet (just when you thought the phage made Zed's ganks OP you get an auto slow every attack :) ). Next get an AtMogs this will give you good AD with will stack with your FrozMallet and Warmogs. Then finish your build with a Maw of Malortius (this is an underrated item, it gives MR, damage per health missing, AND A SPELL SHIELD THAT BLOCKS 400 DAMAGE!).

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Skill Sequence

Let me remind you first to MAX Q FIRST, THEN MAX E, THEN MAX W

Once you have all of your skills: send out a clone onto an enemy, use your E (which will slow), use your Q (try to hit both your shadows and Zed's shuriken), then push E again (if done quickly enough your shadow will have been able to use E twice) finish by reactivating your W to switch places with your Shadow and chase your opponent for the kill. XD

Combo: W,E,Q,E
Ult Combo: R,E,Q,E,W,E,Q

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Summoner Spells


This is COMPLETELY up to you. I prefer Teleport/Exhaust when I lane.

Teleport helps keep your tower and teammates tower safe.

Exhaust is very helpful while chasing, ganking, or getting away, etc.

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Jungle Route

When Jungling start at Wraiths with your E. Ask for a leash on Red Buff take Red Buff with Smite. The go to Golems and make your way to your first gank. After you gank make your way to wolves and give Blue buff to your AP Caster ( Zed doesnt have as much need for Blue buff, he has energy. It would be much more helpful if given to an AP caster). Gank again, then get your jungle tokens, etc, etc.


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