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Zed - The Shadow of Victory [Guide]

Last updated on June 17, 2013
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Hello summoners! It is me, Centipedius (Ordinarium) showing you my way to build mid/top lane Zed.
In my opinion, Zed is strong mid game champion with medium skillcap. Also Zed's kit is perfect for farming, harassing, and spamming in fights. There are different ways you can play Zed; Harass-Zed, Farmking-Zed, Sustain-Zed, Spamkiteharass-Zed, Fed-Zed and Roamking-Zed.

But, let's get in to the point, shall we? :)

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For Zed, I usually build Bloodthirster, Ionian boots of Lucidity, Blade of The Ruined King, Black Cleaver, Frozen Mallet and Last Whisper, of course.

Start With:

Dorans Blade / Boots, 3x Healthpotion / Long Sword, 2x Healthpotion

TIP: Try to finish your Brutalizer as fast as you can because it increases your damage if you have your W opened.

Early Goals:

Brutalizer, Boots of Speed and Ruby Crystal.

Preparing for mid game:

Black Cleaver, Ionian Boots Of Lucidity, BF Sword or Vampiric Scepter.

Mid game:

At this point, you should have finished your boots, Black Cleaver and Bloodthirster.

Later as the game goes:

You should be able to "instabuy" your Blade of the Ruined King. You should also start building your Last Whisper.

Late Game:

At this point of the game, somewhere around 35-50 minutes, you should have finished your build.

You buy Frozen mallet as your last item now.

Item order:

1. Black Cleaver
2. Ionian Boots of Lucidity
3. Bloodthirster
4. Blade of the Ruined King
5. Last Whisper
6. Frozen Mallet.

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I think that Zed is the easiest champion to farm with.

If you want to get INSANE farm, max you E first.

You can clear the wave simply by Q-E comb at level 3. :)

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For the masteries, I like to go for 15/14/1.

There is the link,Look at the masterypage number 8.

Why don't I have 21/9/0?

Because Zed's passive is like Executioner, so you don't need executioner.

Why do I have so much points on defense?

Because I think that Zed is pretty squishy and you can get a high sustain with these masteries if you start with Dorans Blade. Your HP is hanging somewhere around 600-620 at these masteries with Dorans blade builded lvl 1.

Why do you have 1 point on utility?

Because "Summoners insight" reduces the cooldown of flash, which you pick on Zed.

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Ok, In this point, We will discuss about Runes.

Look at the Rune Page number 1.

Why attack speed and not flat AD marks?

It is simple, you can get more damage towards your enemy if you have almost 15% attack speed than if you have 20 AD because you can hit lot faster which causes you to make more damage. With 15% attack speed bonus at lvl 1, your attack speed increases incredible high, on Zed, your attack speed would be somewhere around 0,7 to 0,85 attack speed which is CRAZY.

Why don't you have any resist or health etc...?

I have only 0,70 armor because I didn't have 1 attack damage glyph. About the resist/health, this is the thing that I talked about in the "masteries" section. You will have incredible HP with such a start of Dorans Blade and 15/14/1 masteries. So all of your sustain and resist and health, comes from your masteries.

Why flat AD quints?

Because they are the best !! :D

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Use your skills right, summoner.

On Zed, I like to max E first because it has short cooldown and high damage.

Razor Shuriken (Q) 3 7 8 12 13
Living Shadows (W) 2 14 15 17 18
Shadow Slash (E) 1 4 5 9 10
Death Mark (R) 6 11 16

That is the order that I like to get my abilities. :)

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Skill explanation:

I really like Zed because of his awesome skillset and kit.

Razor Shuriken (Q) Explanation

Very good ability to farm and harass. If you are very much behind your enemy in levels, try to poke him/her with Q.

Living Shadows (W) Explanation:

Great ability to escape / Attack. You can also use this to poke before fights or on early game on lane. Great combo with W -> Q -> E -> R -> E -> Q and your enemy should be dead :D

Shadow Slash (E) Explanation:

AWWW YEAH THAT FARMING ABILITY!!! Best. Farming. Ability. Ever !! Also very good ability to poke.

Death Mark (R) Explanation:

One of the best ultimate's in LoL, similar to Fioras ultimate, but I think that it might be even better.

Best ability combowombo ever on Zed:

Always on fights, try to cast your ult on enemy team AD Carry.
Combowombo order: W -> R -> Q -> E -> W -> E -> Q and enemy team's ad carry is melted. And if he/she is not, keep chasing him/her with W / Flash.

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Just use Flash + Ignite, ok?

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Pros / Cons


+ Escape/Juke abilities W and R
+ Short Cooldown on Q and E
+ Can kill anyone at level 6
+ High damage
+ Great kit
+ Easy to farm.


- Squishy
- Ultimate has pretty long cooldown at prestige 1
- Build is pretty expensive
- Spamming abilities at fight makes your energy run out pretty fast


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