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Ziggs Build Guide by Guest

Ziggs - blowing a joint but, the he got high!

Ziggs - blowing a joint but, the he got high!

Updated on February 11, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Build Guide By Guest 1,480 Views 0 Comments
1,480 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Ziggs Build Guide By Guest Updated on February 11, 2012
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This is my first build guide. I've seen a lot of great builds but, if you're looking for a great build that get's you less squishy at the start and makes you deal OMGWTFBBQ damage on the end you have 1 right here.
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Pros / Cons

Ziggs is an amazingly fun champion. Everything about him is absolutely enjoyable to use. All of his mechanics are fun, and long range skill shots (coming from a Lux and Ezreal player) are very very entertaining. If you're question is, "Will I enjoy this champion" the answer to that is a very strong yes. He's hilarious. He just jumps around throwing bombs at everyone and taking them down from an amazing range.

He also has no targeted abilities, which means that you can cast your abilities whenever and wherever you want. This also means you can attack stealthed champions if you have a good idea of where they are. You can even lay down a minefield at where they stealth and then you can judge where they are by the bombs that they blow up.


Excellent farming ability
Excellent pushing ability
Very responsive and high damage dealing autoattack
Has an interrupt to deal with pesky malzahars, warwicks, and katarinas
Very short cooldowns on his main nuke, and decent cooldowns on his other abilities
Strong AOE slow
Excellent zone control
Super fun to play


Ult radius somewhat smaller than expected
Doesn't do as much damage as in the spotlight, but still does quite a bit.
Slightly lower ratios compared to some other AP mages.

Overall Impression

The Pros far outweigh the Cons. I think Ziggs is quickly becoming one of my favorite champions in the game. I can not stress enough just how fun it is to walk around throwing bombs everywhere. The cons that do exist are typical of AP casters or are not all that big of a deal. He's a bit on the slow side movespeed wise, but taking boots early fixes this and his slow and interrupt deal with enemies that try to escape very well.
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So HI there!

OK I'm not very interested in spending a lot of time making this build. S o I will just add a link right here from an other build that will provide you with all the information you need!
Click here for the link.

I shall put some info why I picked this build:

1) ok ziggs is very squishy at start get some boots so you can walk a little faster.
make sure you have health pots wich may be a very good adventage against players who don't have healthpots ;). Try harrasing the enemy by trowing your bombs constantly on them.

2) So try buying rod of ages as fast as possible. It gives just the right amount of AP and healt that you squishyness is reduced by let's say... 90%

3) Buy some sorcers shoes to already have some magic pen. Now you can get started! buy rabadon's death cap (don't forget to adjust the build depending on your enemy ofc..). so once you have rabbadon's you'll find yourself doing EXTREME damage. And you'll be able to even more harras your enemy.

4) Now your enemy(unless they are total idiots) will start buying some magic resist. The key is buying voidstaff so you can do your damage again. And for those enemies who didn't buy magic res GG you'll pown them like a cupcake.

5) Now you'll find yourself in some situations where you might get focused and don't have that much health. buy hextech gunblade so you can heal from your enormous damage you do with your spells and this gives you just a little mare AD and lifesteal so you will regen a lot of health.

6) now the last item desn't really matter pick 1 that is well against your enemy. for some more advantage

7) GG you won!
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League of Legends Build Guide Author
Guest Ziggs Guide
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Ziggs - blowing a joint but, the he got high!

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