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Ziggs - Bombs on back

Last updated on December 16, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Welcome to the world of ziggs. Where everyday people walk around with BOMBS strapped to their backs. Not much more to say than that. I constantly carry teams with this guy, he is hard to kill with his artillery range and also does a TON of AOE damage.

If you own Ziggs, this build is a 'must try'. I have not seen a build at all like what I have here, so here's the "shell" of a build. I'm sure someone can take this idea and run with it for a much more polished product.

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Magic Pen. In season 3, % magic pen comes off before flat magic pen.

Consider the following: 50 flat magic pen, 40% magic pen

Most enemy carries and supports do not break 100 MR. An enemy WITH 100 MR, loses 40% and THEN the 50. That leaves them with 10 MR and you happily nuking away, despite lower AP

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Biscuit, Biscuit, Biscuit. This is just 1 item to add to your arsenal for early game. Getting an extension on Blue Buff will not help you until 2nd or 3rd Blue (depending on jungler) and won't even matter until it is running out. Long before that, your lane will be decided. Get the BISCUIT!!!

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More fun at the start of the game. Flask, 2 red pots, biscuit, and faerie charm. Don't be stuck in the 'I need boots at level 1' strategy. They are nerfed in season 2 and you will have 680 HP, 170 Mana regen in items... plus the faerie charm. Also, you can refill flask constantly for that extra mana or health to keep you going in lane as they burn through money on pots.

Get a tear of the goddess quickly afterwards. We want to start building up the free mana and eventually a seraph's! This going to give you another 'eject' button late in the game where you can soak an extra 500 damage.

Why Liandra's and why so early? Extra health and the passive life burn. This is particularly good when you are pre-fight and bouncing grenages at their team. Everyone is at full and you get quite a bit of burn off of it. Also, Magic Pen is going to make this even sillier!

Void staff, lets you nuke for a ton with the % coming off before the flat magic pen. Continues the Magic Pen theme.

Hat... obviously a good choice on casters

Lich's Bane. If you manage to make it this far into the game, laugh as your caster auto attacks for 1k damage. With Zigg's passive and all your magic pen/AP, you will nuke people with this thing. I've also hit an inhib for 50% of its life with Zigg's passive and Lich's Bane at this point...

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Flash - No one can argue with Flash. That's just the way they made the game.

Ghost - Good early on since you don't have boots. You don't need that MS at all times, so use ghost in the cases you do in middle lane. Also, good for chasing people to get that last bomb off or get in range down the river to launch an ult.

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FARM!!! You don't have all that extra mana and health for nothing. Farm away and choose the times to cast at their hero. Let them hit you with a couple spells at level 1-2 to drain some mana, then just flask your way or pot your way right back to full health. Once they are out of mana in the middle, they are usually defenseless. Use your Q and passive to get tons of minions. I find ziggs to be one of, if not THE, easiest farmer in the game.

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Team Work

When team fighting, drop that ult whenever you can get 3-5 people in it. Only if 2 of them are tanks, should you consider holding it when there are 3 in a small area.

Keep in mind that the ult will land faster the close you are. Be wary of ulting at max range if you don't lead them properly. The more you play ziggs, the better you'll get at timing crazy long range AOE *NUKES*.


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