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Ziggs Build Guide by Guest

Ziggs the Hexplosives expert (HERE'S ZIGGS!)

Ziggs the Hexplosives expert (HERE'S ZIGGS!)

Updated on February 13, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Build Guide By Guest 2,440 Views 0 Comments
2,440 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Ziggs Build Guide By Guest Updated on February 13, 2012
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Hi all! Welcome to my ziggs guide:) Ziggs is a massive AoE damage and a AP mage.
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The re***on i chose these runes, is becasue of two things: 1. Ziggs is a mana burner at the start... 2. he is a needer of BB(Blue buff). if you ever feel like not to jungle well then... let's just hope that you have a few mana reg items or runes at the start (i hope u don't carry mana reg items) always make sure to have mana that is one of the most important things ever with ziggs
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everybody has their way to make their own masteries i for example: have this mastery becasue it has been recommended and becasue it works fcking awzme for me:)
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again... the re***on i chose this items... are as following: lot's of AP and a little little bit mana reg as i sad before i hope you don't carry mana reg items not to reveal the secret! first of all the priority is AP and not Mana Reg. second of all: when you start to reach 18 you will notice that you are running fast out of mana that's why some of the the imtes has mana reg in them selfs
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Skill Sequence

for me it has worked very good uhmmm... satchel charge i know that i diden't max it before i had maxed bouncing bomb and hexplosive field the re***on is becasue i have often been able to save my team mates as the same time i've gotten kills for it to without letting a team mate die now here you go:) ohh wait you should some day hope that you will get all these items if IF you're using my guide becasue if you use b-b-bouncing bomb i will ensure u that it will deal so much DPS that i could sacerfice my computer!(ALMOST)
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Summoner Spells

i use clarity becasue of ziggs is a mana burner as i sad earlier and ofc i try to get bb(blue buff) asap(as soon as possable) and i use flash becasue ziggs aren't the most quickest champ i've met on but that is not the re***on the re***on is becasue of he does not have a lot of MS(movement speed) so when i am in trouble i try to flash over walls or use sacthel charge-flash
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Pros / Cons

****ing scary damage that which means TONS! hexplosives field can secure kill or use as an escape tool same with sacthel charge escape or else things

hell of an mana burner
pretty Squishy
the ulti does ****ing much damage but it also sry guys it gives the enemy and warning so they maybe get away!
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Creeping / Jungling

u want the blue buff sime is that if ur an epic mana burner!
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Team Work

place hexplosives at the back of the enemy and sacthel cahrge in front
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easy sad ''e''-''w''-''q'' that's a farming combo but also a mana burner combo
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League of Legends Build Guide Author
Guest Ziggs Guide
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Ziggs the Hexplosives expert (HERE'S ZIGGS!)

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