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League of Legends Build Guide Author little mofo

Zilean- father of time

little mofo Last updated on April 1, 2010
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(Opptional item build: if you haw mana problem take tear of godess after boots and sell it later, or build it out to Archangel staff and exhange it for somthing like Nashor tooth.)(Easyer way is to exhange ignite or flash for clarity and maybe buy some more mana pots.)(if you owns and gets really good score you can go for mejais soulstealer). I'm currently testing some hybrid and lichbane.
-Glacial shroud is an alternative option to guardion angel, but i would take guardion angel in any cases unless i was (feeding).Then i would take glacial cause guardion angel is somewhat more exspensive. If you mean you got to high cd's you can take it and build it on to frozen heart later(glacial).
If you see you got mana problems you can take the catalyst and build it on to rod of ages.If they keep runnig away which they shouldent take the rylais' crystal scepter,use time warp more and stack it out faster.

Summoners spell: flash is just an awesome spell and is good for both escaping and chasing, ignite hellps for that extra burst and when you get a kill on someone in the fog of war with heal it is just delicious.
Clairvoayance is good for non arranged teams or your team wants you to play support but to see that build i need to get more votes :D.
Heal it is okay but i wouldent recommend it cause you should be the dominant player in the lane and if you would be hittet it should be a killing blow.
Clarityif your the one of nonstop harrasers this with rod of ages instead of archangel staff is good.

In early game: You should try to just get the enemy as long as possible out of the lane cause you aint got a to good nuking ability. The easyest way is to double time bomb and let him recall, when he comes back reapet it (you should allways dominate the lane).

Mid game: You should begin to dominate now casting douuble timebomb with deathfire grasp will grant you a kill.

late game: when you gets zonyas ring you can 2 shot people when you have gotten guardion angel you gets unstopable.

quote:(Remain) The only thing that can kill you as Shaco (in this Zilean) is your own stupidity! link:

Zilean vs Zilean: Take boots of mobilty or swiftness and Abyssal-scepter, Archangel staff, Deathfiregrasp, and Zhonyas' ring. Movement help to make it easyer to avoid harrasing, and make it easyer to harras. Abyssal scepter for magic resist, you can also take banshee veil. Archangel staff to outlast the other zilean. Deathfire grasp to get that extra damage, and zhonyas ring to phase out when you haw done a double time bomb to avoid he's. And Guardion-angel is good to avoid the deaths, cause you get one life with 100% life one with 40% and your ulti's. And if you got enough cd reduction you can even get a quick ulti to next death.

Top ten champions you aint want to meet:

Fiddlestick is your worst enemy. He got fear silence health regen and "insane" damage. Best choice is to try changing lane.You should try to get abyssal scepter/banshee veil. Dont stand close to minons he can use darkwind on them and bounce it onto you. You can use timebomb(double timebomb) on minions when he's close to them this is really good if he's a noob or "semi afk". take boots of swiftness or mercery treads to avoid all of he's CC. Use time warp on him when he uses crowstorm. Dont even bother to harras with one timebomb haw to use double. When he gets u in crowstorm or close death use your ulti and try to get him as low as possible and put on time warp so you can kill him when u revive.
As soon you se him casting drain double time bomb him.

Top five you want to lane with:

Top five you want to lane against:
1.DR mundo

All the top five /ten is in my opinion

"Perfectnuke:" cast deathfire grasp,ignite,timebomb,rewind,timebomb,timewarp,...(auto attack)timebomb,rewind,timebomb.

Double timebomb- timebomb,rewind,timebomb.

WHY dosent he die?!?!?: Burst as much as possible when you die, your guardin angel will revive, you keep nuking and use chrono shift, and you will se the chat full of QQ. (Thats the true art of "Chrono").

Zilean owns in team figths simply cause time bomb is aoe and in a team figth most people stnad close to eachother wich make you nuking ability to take one goes to take 5 and chrono shift is a life saver you got one of the best movement decrease/increase in the gameand you can help your tam mates out withcasting time bomb on him so anyone wanna damage him from close range going to take insane amount of damage.

The five man gank:(you will need the full build). When they first comes you have to burst so much as possible, so when they've brougth you down and you gets revived. You can continue casting like a madman, and migth get a killing blow. At the third time some will begin to run, so be sure to use timewarp on yourself and nuke what that is left of them. (Score an ACE).

Movement incraese or decrease?: You should decre***e if he's close to a tower, increase if he's behind a tower. Increase if he's away from towers. In a chase down you should decrease so whole team can attack, not just one but if your not in range you can use it on the higest dps or you can flash in range.

Remember you should always harras (all the time) especially if you take tear of godess...

(Will continue to add stuff to the guide.)
Comment on things you want to change or add.... I will add a support build if i get 0 in rating.