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Zilean Build Guide by Shrewdo

Support Zilean Support - Time Cracker

By Shrewdo | Updated on March 28, 2020
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Arcane Comet
Manaflow Band
Gathering Storm

Magical Footwear
Cosmic Insight

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3
LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Support Role
Ranked #7 in
Support Role
Win 52%
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Ability Order

Champion Build Guide

Zilean Support - Time Cracker

By Shrewdo
Summoner Spells
Flash like every other champion does. It’s particularly important for Zilean as he has no other gap closers of any kind and getting caught out without it would mean having to waste your ultimate, or perish.

Exhaust or Cleanse as defensive options. Cleanse is a good choice on Zilean because it will allow you to get out of situations that would normally kill you or force you to “waste” your ultimate on yourself, rather than save it for one of your carries..

Ignite as your second spell if you think you can win your lane. This is for example if you’re against an enemy support who cannot all-in you easily like Tahm Kench or Soraka and whom you can outtrade, or even if you’re just against an inexperienced player or expect a lot of ganks. In these scenarios, Ignite is a good option to increase your kill potential.
Pro & Cons Back to Top

-Very Quick to get around the map
-Catch me if you can until your mana ends Time Warp Rewind
-VERY low cooldowns with max CDR
-Good Harass and poke
-He is a Guardian Angel
-Amazing AoE burst
-High Damage Combo


-Mana Issues
-One Way of damage Time Bomb
-Susceptible to ganks
-Not a lot of Sustain
About Runes Back to Top

Arcane Comet

: As Zilean is good to poke with his ability Q Time Bomb this rune is Good to poke and a 100% works with his combo Q+W+Q Time Bomb Rewind Time Bomb because target will be stunned and can't dodge the Arcane Comet.

Manaflow Band

: is very good to have Manaflow Band which it will gives you bonus mana and this will help you to poke and cast your abilities freely.


: Gain 10% Cooldown reduction at level 10, yes this will help you more to get your abilities ready faster and you can success the double stun and also makes your ultimate Chronoshift ready to use several times.

Gathering Storm

: this rune is a good rune that scale with game and gives you more ability power.


Biscuit Delivery

: its a good potion that gives you some mana and regenerate your health and increase your mana more poke.

Cosmic Insight

: i'm addicted to the cool down reduction and i always try to reach the max CDR in game so with this run you earn more CDR as its also good for zilean combos abilities and ultimate Chronoshift.
Abilities Back to Top

Time in a Bottle

(Passive): Innate: Time in a Bottle is a neat little passive that allows you to collect and share experience with your allies. If you level up an ally, you will get the same amount of experience back.

Time Bomb
(Discription:) Active: Your only offensive ability, but it’s a great one, It has a pretty long range and large radius, so you will not be missing it very often, You can also use it to zone enemies from certain areas as they will be reluctant to walk into the bombs, And also, don’t forget to use this ability instead of walking head-first into bushes, A tagged enemy will be revealed.

(Discription:) Resets the cooldown of your E and Q by ten seconds. This allows you to use your Q twice on a single target, which will, in addition to doing much more damage than only one Q, also stun your target.

Time Warp
(Discription:) Active: ability that either massively slows an enemy champion or massively speeds up an ally (including yourself). This ability makes following up on ganks and roams as Zilean very easy – he can both speed himself (or the jungler) up and also slow down the enemy laners quickly thereafter.

(Discription:) Active: Usually you will want to reserve this for your ADC (or whoever ends up being the carry in your game), but considering it’s got a relatively low cooldown, you shouldn’t feel too reluctant about using it on yourself or an ally that you can think you can save.
Items Back to Top
Redemption : this is a standard item that it provide to you good sustain, CDR, some heal and base heal and mana regeneration as its very cheap item to buy it early which it will help you to poke enemy.
Ardent Censer : this is a standard item that it provide to you some ability power, CDR and mana regeneration as its passive provide you good movement speed.
Shurelya's Reverie : this is an optional pick item it provide to you some ability power,some health CDR and mana regeneration and movement speed its active is strong gives you and your team movement speed for 3sec.
Liandry's Torment : this is a strong item a must have it in your build as it gives you good HP & ability power..
Rylais : this item is an optional you can have it to increase your Hp and carry some AP damage and benefit from its passive slow down the movement speed of your enemis which it works easy for you with Time Bomb in case you fail to stun them and also works perfectly with your ability Time Warp to decrease the enemy movement speed.
Zhonya's Hourglass : there is no AP champion that doesn't buy this item but you can also drop it but its good for the team fight to use it to save your self from an Ignite as it provide to you some damage ability power, armor and CDR.
Luden's Echo : the Luden's Echo is a good item that gives to you good mana and ability power and some CDR as its passive stack also helps on wave clearing or to poke enemy.
Lich Bane : this is another optional pick item, as it gives movement speed, mana, CDR and good ability power and it has good passive that can work with your ability Time Warp and increase your movement speed.
Banshee's Veil : Banshee is 2 in one its the best item that it gives high magic resistance as it gives also good ability power and CDR add its passive that it protect you from the first ability.
Frozen Heart : when i want to get quickly 30%CDR with the Eye of Frost i go for it as it gives good Armor and high mana, which it helps me to poke more and decrease damage from enemy ADC.
Rabadon's Deathcap : when you buy this item you gonna be scary to everyone, this is the item that it gives high ability power with its passive that increase all your ability powers by 40%
Void Staff : the last but not the least, this is what you need to break the enemy magic resistance, a good pick against Tanks.
Combos Back to Top

1- Stun Combo
- Time Bomb Rewind Time Bomb

This is Zilean’s basic stun combo. After landing a Time Bomb, you should use your Rewind to reset Time Bomb’s cooldown, Placing a second bomb on a target stuns them.
You can Time Warp before or after this combo to further devastate your enemy, who essentially won’t be able to move for three seconds.

2- Double Stun Combo
- Time Bomb Rewind Time Bomb Rewind Time Bomb

This is the more advanced version of the above combo, but it requires a lot of CDR and max ranks in Time Bomb and Rewind – ergo it is possible only late game.
You start the combo by hitting Time Bomb and then instantly using your Rewind. This allows you to use your Time Bomb again – but first you should wait for your first to bomb to be about halfway or two thirds to exploding. When it is, press Rewind once again and Time Bomb as soon as they’re available to hit the second consecutive stun.
Playing & Tips Back to Top
Playing & Tips

To start things off, you will pick up Spellthief's Edge which you can charge up rather easily with your generously-ranged bombs.
The large slow on your Time Warp will also make it easy for you to get in a lot of auto-attacks during skirmishes.
Pick up some healing potions to help sustain yourself during lane.

On your first back you will preferably be able to afford Frostfang. This will speed up the process of upgrading to Eye of the Watchers which will allow you to keep your map lit up with wards.
If you can afford it, picking up Boots of Mobility should be your next priority, to make getting to lane, dodging skill shots and warding quicker and easier.
Usually you will want to upgrade your Boots into Ionian Boots of Lucidity, since CDR is a very useful stat on Zilean.

Your core will thus consist of Ionian Boots of Lucidity and Eye of the Watchers. However, you should pick up your first big item before upgrading your Eye of the Watchers into Watchers. Which item should you get first? That tends to be different in every game.
Some of your options include Mikael's Crucible, Ardent Censer, Redemption and Athene's Unholy Grail. As you start picking these items up, you will notice your mana regene will keep getting good and better.

Mikael's Crucible is a great pick-up in almost every game as every game will usually have some sort of annoying hard CC that your ADC has to deal with. You can also never go wrong with Redemption, which is always useful and can turn whole fights around. Ardent Censer is, on the other hand, more situational.
You should only buy this if you have a hyper carry who relies on attack speed, like Kog'Maw, Tristana or Vayne for example. It is an especially good purchase if these ADCs are getting fed in the particular game.

You can also pick Summon Aery as rune instead of Arcane Comet, Summon Aery is a great pick-up on Zilean because it procs with your E Time Warp.
Whenever you want to speed someone up, you will also be giving them Summon Aery shield (later amplified by items like Redemption and possibly an attack-speed buff (if you build Ardent Censer).
Taking Sorcery as your primary page enables you to pick up a lot of nice stats like CDR and mana regen, and then also grab more CDR and lane sustain in Inspiration.

You want to leave your sixth item slot free and available for Control Ward for as long as possible. At some point however, you can fill it in with whatever you think your team needs at the time. More defense for you, some AP to increase your Time Bomb damage, or another utility item such as Iron Locket of the Iron Solari, Twin Shadows, Shurelya's Reverie and so on.

Laning phase

As we’ve already mentioned, laning phase can be very difficult for Zilean. You should not go into the game expecting to win or deal a lot of damage – it isn’t your job to 1v9. What you want to do in lane is, more or less, just survive. There are match-ups where you can do better than this, but there are also a lot of match-ups that Zilean will struggle with.

As a ranged support, Zilean will naturally be good against tanks since he can harass them with little punishment. Unfortunately, a lot of tanks, like Alistar and Leona, happen to be great all-inners. And, as a squishy ranged support, this is not something Zilean can effectively deal with. He has some peel but it is possible to miss your stun, and he has no mobility, so you will have to be very careful if you’re up against one such enemy.

Zilean may also struggle against ranged supports. Other AP supports, such as Brand or Zyra, deal more damage than he does, since he only has one offensive spell. On the other hand, healers and shielders, like Nami and Janna, will be able to negate whatever poke Zilean manages to dish out.

Your best bet, then, is to get your jungler to help you out.
Zilean is fantastic at setting up ganks, because, even alone, he is capable of CC locking an enemy into place with his stun and slow that goes up to 99%. In spite of this, Kasing doesn’t recommend that Zilean himself does any ganking – that is to say, roam. It is better for Zilean to stay in lane and soak up as much experience as possible, to prepare himself for mid and late game fights, where he shines.

As for ADC synergy, Zilean will do well in many combos, provided the ADC knows how to take advantage of your speed-up. Kasing warmly recommends a Caitlyn and Jhin as lane mates, as both of them are very strong and very obnoxious when they travel at the speed of light with your E. Caitlyn is also fantastic because her traps set up for easy stuns form your bomb, and Jhin’s Deadly Flourish is the same. Tristana also has the range to make your Time Warp very powerful, but her fragile laning phase coupled with yours makes for a very weak lane.

Team fighting

Zilean excels at team fights. What you basically have to do is constantly be aware of which enemy is the most dangerous and which ally is the most powerful – then use this information to your advantage.
Because of your 99% (at rank 5) slow, you have the power to render a target enemy completely useless for about 4 seconds.
In late game team fights, this could be the death of a primary target And conversely, you can imbue your most powerful ally with a huge speed, attack speed from Ardent Censer and a free out-of-jail card with your Mikael's Crucible and ultimate Chronoshift.

You are also terrific at peel because you can double stun and severely slow bruisers and assassins who try to get to your carry, Not to mention, you can straight up revive your carries if push comes to shove


In conclusion, Zilean is a unique and fun champion whose role is not to try to hard-carry any game with his crazy bomb damage. Instead, he is more akin to an enchanter support – your job is to facilitate your team with your buffs and ultimate and help them help you win the game.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Shrewdo
Shrewdo Zilean Guide
Zilean Support - Time Cracker