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League of Legends Build Guide Author diggs747

Zilean - The Immortal Bearded One (15 game win streak)

diggs747 Last updated on January 1, 2011
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This build works, I created an account here just because I had to tell someone, and I wanted to take credit for it when it becomes popular ^_^ Plz try before you criticize it. It's one of those " gg" bulds.

Ok so Zil is very strong early game, it's easy to spam Q (time bomb) and do a quick QWQ combo to double time bomb for a kill. Zil however, has some of the best support spells in the game, and they don't require much AP, so I feel AP builds are over-rated for Zil. This build focuses on Zil's early game harass/farming ability, and his late game ability to control and dominate every team battle.

The Game plan-
With your high mana regen early game you are able to harass endlessly with time bombs (I suggest going for the top solo lane). Even if you're pushed back, you can still spam bombs on your team's minions to kill theirs, and prevent them from reaching your tower. Zil gains experience rather quickly, and his bombs have a strong base damage so you do not need any AP to do strong burst damage early game. Late game you will be building yourself as a tank that can endlessly spam bombs and (more importantly) slow on the enemy and save an ally about every minute.

Time Warp-
Time Warp is insanely good when spammed, any engagement you have with the enemy will allow you to stop at least 1 champ from retreating. This even works on Rammus and Kassadin. That's right, even if they teleport/ballcurl you can still speed yourself up, catch up to them and slow them down for the rest of your team. Speed is one of the most important aspects of LoL, and being able to boost/slow a champ's speed by 55% PERMANENTLY is amazingly effective at winning games.

Early Game/Laning-
Early game you do very good burst damage, and amazing harassment after about level 3. It's very easy for your jungler to come and gank, because you speed yourself up, rush in, then slow them down as your jungler uses their slow/stun to kill. He's an amazing harasser too; with high regen you're able to spam bombs on them every time they get close. What if they don't get close? Well then speed yourself up to throw one on them or let them sit back and not farm. If they are melee you can just throw bombs on your minions, preventing any minion kills by their part. If they let you harass and their hp gets low, just flash in and QWQ for double bombs for an easy kill. Someone comes to gank you? Just speed yourself up and run back to your tower.

Mid late game, after you have your Glacial Shroud for CD reduction, all you need to do is speed yourself up to get in range, then slow them down. Your allies can get to you from almost an entirely different lane to help you kill them. If they try to fight or lane away from their tower you can dance around them as they struggle to get in range, the entire time throwing time bombs on them to whittle down their hp.

Team Battles-
Zil chooses when and where battles take place, he chooses who lives and who dies. He can nullify any champ, as long as you stay in the front lines, and your team backs up/moves forward with you. If their initiator tries to rush in? Slow. Their tank tries to get in range to taunt? Slow. They decide to retreat? Rush in and slow. They turn around again?... you guessed it. Most team battles can go like this, what eventually happens is their tank get harassed to hell, and then you're able to kill him off and rush in. If they try to flank you, and the battle starts to split up you can run around freely disabling their most lethal champs, and saving yours. They eventually decide to target you, which is the biggest mistake, since you're going to be such a beefy tank they end up wasting so much time focusing you down, only to have your ult save you, time warp/cleanse to escape, or even GA to revive you if you slip up.

When targeting minions place both bombs on top of a weak minion in the center of the group (you may have to hit him a few times with auto attack), the 2nd bomb will set off the first, killing the minion, which will then set of the 2nd bomb at the same time -killing the rest.

So the core item build is Tears of the Goddess, Boots of Speed, Chalice of Harmony, Glacial Shroud and Warmog's Armor. This gives you the base mana, armor, magic resistance and health and cooldown reduction that you need to make this build effective. Other augmentations I've tried were using Boots of Swiftness, but I felt as though I needed more MR, and that Time Warp was all I needed for speed. Against low CC teams it may still be viable though. Other tank items late game then the ones I've suggested is perfectly fine, I still do highly recommend Guardian Angel. Blue buff is very useful to Zill early-mid game when you haven't reached your 40% CD cap yet, but late game it's more likely to be more useful one someone else. Even with your huge mana regen and over 3k mana pool, you still run out of mana eventually. Thankfully with your speed it's easy to tele back to base, regen and spam time warp to get right back into the battle. The Elixir of Brilliance can also be used if you're doing well on farming and need to hit that CD cap. You should definitely sell the chalice near the end of the game to make room for something more powerful. You may need to get the Mana Buff to keep up your regen though. Completing Archangels near the end game can also help with your mana regen, and allowing your ult to restore around 500 more HP.

Summoner Spells-
I've tried various spells, Cleanse and Flash being the most effective. I use to use Clairvoyance, which can be very helpful to your team, but I found buying a few wards for everyone is good enough. With clairvoyance you can still be ganked, with cleanse you are almost ungankable while it's up. Flash is important for escapes and getting in range for a double time bomb, while late game it's useful for chasing down all the Kass's EZ's and Tyrn's. I could see someone making a good argument for Teleport too, but all others seem like a waste to me.

Do whatever you see fit, the runes I suggested aren't even the ones I use half the time. Mana regen, armor, magic resistance, more health, they would all be valid.

I know this seems like an odd build for Zil but it works, I am currently on a 9 game win streak in solo Que with it, have yet to bring it into a ranked match yet (need to buy more runes first). Most of my games have ended around the time I complete warmogs, giving me an average ratio of about 3/1/12. If this build becomes popular I'll post some screenshots and add icons and such. Oh, and remember to shout out lame puns every time you own an enemy, such as "I guess your time... was up" and "You almost killed him, too bad you were... clock blocked!"

12 game win streak so far with 1 game I had to leave because I forgot about an appointment I had. I don't know if they won, or if i should just count it as a loss :/

So I got up to 15 before losing an arranged game. It was pretty epic, I made a few mistakes though, like buying too many elixirs instead of finishing some items. We also lacked any range dps on our team, forcing us to bunch together in too many team fights vs ken, akali, shen, eve and f--king ash >_>