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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Soul Piper

Zilean The Terrorist

Soul Piper Last updated on August 8, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 9

Strength of Spirit
Veteran's Scars

Defense: 0

Blink of an Eye
Mystical Vision
Presence of the Master

Utility: 21

Hey everyone, this is my first build on this site, please leave comments about what you think about it.

Zilean has the potential to be the most annoying character to face on an enemy team. Not only does he have a AoE nuke which can be used 2 times instantly, he can also slow enemies for a gank, speed up allies or himself to help save someone or catch up for a kill, but also a ult which can save a persons life, and of course he has a skill which lets all of these other annoying skills cd seem like nothing.

Summoner Skills
I use flash for almost any character I use, and suggest lots of other people use it too, as it works as a escape, chase, tower dive, and ganking tool. Can be used great with zilean by popping up beside a person and instaly nuking them to low hp, and easily being able to follow them to nuke again to finish with your time warp.
I find teleport to be a very usefull skill early-late game, as it lets you go to base, upgrade your items, and port back to your lane very quickly, giving you a advantage over the enemy and forcing them to either fight you with their worse items, or go back to base and walk back, giving you time to farm minions and get a exp advantage. Also can be used to save turrets by simply porting over when you see a turret in trouble.
Ignite is a spell used by lots of people, and while the dmg and healing reduction it gives is quite nice, I find that it isnt really needed if you can do well enough to get an advantage over your enemies, as your bombs will finish them off just as nicely.
This is a great skill for anyone when you are fighting a team with lotsa of stuns or CC, since a stunned zil is usually a dead zil. I however dont usually bother getting this spell, since if the enemy team does have a stunner or CC, I tend to be able to escape with flash/time warp anyway.

Spells you shouldn't get

Exhaust/Ghost: Your timewarp can slow or speed up well enough, and can be used much more frequently. And you shouldn't be getting hit too much either, so exhaust shouldn't be needed.

Clairvoyance: I dont much see the point in getting this, if you want sight around the map, I would suggest getting wards. I think the slight cost of wards is worth getting a different summoner spell benefit.

Rally: Why would you want this?

Heal/Revive: Just... No.


The 9 points in offense is a basic need, as it gives a great 15% penetration, along with cd reduction and AP. I also put 21 in utility, as it gives regeneration, cooldown reduction (a lot of cd reduction for flash is helpful), and the increase in golem buff time is very nice to have, and 5% extra mana is good for your archangels effect.

Yes. It's the bomb. A great nuke which scales with a sexy 90% of your AP. This is the bomb that you will continue to use on your enemies until they run in fear. Only to come back and be bombed again. Use this skill to constantly harrass your enemies, or to mass kill minions once you have enough AP. The range on this skill is so large that you can bomb almost anyone without fear of being hit back, making it a great tool for harrassing.
Yes... Rewind. This is the skill that will allow you to double bomb enemies instantly, to keep your speed buff on permanently, to make your ults cooldown seem like its not even there. Once you have enough mana regen, or a golem buff, you can use this skill continually to either throw out mass bombs, or use your ult 2ce in one teamfight.
This is your assisting tool. You use this to help allies, slow enemies, or just make yourself speedy. If you use this skill on a ally and they get a kill, you get an assist for that kill, so be sure not to be too greedy with it. If you have golem buff, or enough CD through some other means, you will be able to keep this one you permanently through use of your rewind. This skill is of course great for ganking, as you can keep the enemies slowed as your team goes in for the kill.
Yes. The revive. What is more annoying than killing an enemy only to have him revive with full, or almost full hp. This skill has extremely long range, so you can save your teammates without even needing to put urself in danger. You can use this to kill people by urself, by bombing them nearly to death, wait for your cooldown on bomb/rewind while you are dead. Than pop back up into the world to double bomb them yet again and kill them. This skill has a 140 cooldown when maxed. Rewind has a 6 second cooldown. With golem buff and masteries, this becomes 92.4 and 3.96. Spamming your rewind, this means you can use your ult again after just 22seconds. Yes. You can revive someone every 22 seconds. Your ult lasts for 15 seconds. This means if you wanted, you could keep your ult on you constantly with a interval of 7 seconds, while constaly bombing your enemies.


Early Game:
When you start off, leave base withand a. You can go mid if you want, though doesnt make a great difference for zil. Just make sure you dont die and get behind in exp. I would reccomend you dont attack minons except for last hit, in order to keep from pushing too far, since if you do this you will be able to keep the enemy a bit back and stop them from getting last hits by making them scared of your bomb, and if you succeed in making them fear your bomb, you can make them keep their distance just by moving towards them, denying them of their gold. When you get enough gold, or if you are low on health, port back to base and get your, and if possible, your, or if you dont have enough, just a, the AP will help.

mid game:
At this point you should have your,,, and at least some of your(AP items first obviously) You should have golem buff, and if you cant get it yourself, ask a teammate to help you with it. With golem buff on, you should be using your skills constantly, in order to charge up your tear (or archangel if you have it) ASAP. With your speed boost, you should be able to help teammates whenever they need it and easily gank and kill any lanes where a person has low hp. If you team is not doing too well, you can play a bit defensive and use your bombs to eat through entire minion waves and farm up on gold. If an enemy is hugging turret, just barely out of your bomb range, a nice little thing you can do is bomb the minions he is about to kill, which will dmg him just as well as bombing him directly, maybe even better, as it will be instant instead of waiting.

late game:
You should have yournow and you AP should have jumped quite a bit. You should now be able to do half their hp or more with your double bomb unless they are stacking heavy magic resist. For team fights, you should be using your revive on whoever they seem to be focusing first, and if you are confident your team can last 20 seconds, use it straight away, than spam your rewind, while also spamming bombs, and you should be able to revive yet another of your teammates. Get yourandwhen you can, for the extra AP and the magic penetration that will allow you to devestate even the tanks hp. If everything has gone correctly, you should have about 650AP, without runes, along with 60 magic penetration. This means that your bombs will do about 850-950 dmg each, which means you can do an instant 1700-1900 dmg. with the first bomb being instant AoE dmg, and if they stay near the target, another. This can of course be done again and again, until they are either all dead, or have ran away.