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LoL Champion Discussion: Urgot

Urgot RP Cost 790 Urgot BE Cost3150

Urgot The Dreadnought

Pick 88%
Win 53%

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Morcalivan | August 16, 2019 3:06pm
An easy mode champion by any standard once you learn to level your W auto attack speed ability. After that, learning to aim you legs to fire cone attacks and landing your Q slow and E flip/shield at the right times will elevate your play to guarantee a high win rate. The Rs are nice when you can land them, but mostly they are useful for stealing/finishing kills of other players as your own opponents typically die quick to your W toggle. The animation of pulling in and shredding your enemies with R remind me of the old Fallout game though, very gruesome, love it. A good top laner, jungler or even mid laner. You don't want him bot right away since he needs some scaling to truely abuse his abilities in 5v5. Still good 1v1 early though so the three roles mentioned are fine to start him with. Jungle Urgot can fire his R from cover into lanes to catch enemies off guard. Not quite as good as artillery champions, but can jungle more safely. Fun times.
Asothin (3) | May 16, 2015 12:46pm
I like him
Valadous | September 16, 2013 7:56pm
Personally I spent a while trying to find a champ that I like and did well with. I tried the usual beginner suspects but nothing stuck, then my friend wiped the floor with him. After being hesitant I tried him and all I can say is when played right he is a badass and soo much fun to play. At first he is squishy as hell but when you build him right he wrecks everyone. He is very effective against ranged when using his ult to bring them in behind you, giving you plenty of time to slow and kill them with your champ seeking harpoons, yey for fire and forget! For anyone looking for a good build, look at the Lane Bully guide, its amazingly detailed
PracticalPigeon | October 6, 2012 2:38pm
lulz, nobody wants to comment on this abomination
HateThyKing (6) | April 4, 2011 6:22am
I honestly believe Urgot can take anyone with minimum difficulty if you know how to play him mid. He doesn't have to get anywhere close to the opposing champion(s) to take away half of their health. Farming is a little slow early on due to mana problems, but once you start to get your first or second items you'll be able to spam your skills like crazy. This makes farming a cinch along with dealing with enemy champions. In the rare case the enemy does try to come up to fight you, your passive reduces their damage by 15% and since they most likely won't be moving during the fight it will make landing your E and Triple Q combo so easy.

Tl;DR - Awesome champ.
Tunguska | August 27, 2010 8:37am
Urgot is a straight-up assassin to get started, and then very naturally turns into a high-damage tank late game. Urgot's main flaws are that he very naturally gets overextended and that you basically have to rely on Acid Hunter to do damage (I've not seen a good AP build yet). His main strength, however, is his ability to always catch the enemy off-balance - skillshots all of a sudden become guided, a massive shield makes him very difficult to kill, and his ult warps enemies around into ally lines while dropping you at the center of combat.

He's great fun, get to know him and then **** scythes all over your enemies.
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