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LoL Champion Discussion: Yuumi

Yuumi RP Cost 975 Yuumi BE Cost6300

Yuumi The Magical Cat

Pick 100%
Win 50%

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Morcalivan | August 16, 2019 3:31pm
I played Abathur as my main in Heroes of the Storm, so having Yuumi here to 'hat' players and heal/shield, speed boost and shoot from them just like Abathur can is nice. Though he firing rate is incredibly low, which is a shame. Her ability to slow targets with her Q and root them with her R is pretty gross, lol. On the other hand she can't global mine or summon pets to attach herself too either, limiting her to a single land at a time and she does have to risk being killed when her host dies, kinda. Abathur on the other hand can do it all from safety so I guess it's fair. :p

Great support. I just wish people would let me play Support once in a while. Very hard to get a game with her.
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