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In search of a team ( non ranked )

Creator: MagnatusVII April 12, 2012 9:54am
MagnatusVII's Forum Avatar
Apr 2nd, 2012
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My name is Magnatus. Im 17 years old and have been introduced to the MOBA like games lately ! I played strategic games before such as: C&C, Starcraft, A.R.S.E.N.A.L (ETC.) These are all but to be compared with the moba like games, but they come closer then any other genre.

Basic info
Server: EUW
ingame Name: MagnatusVII
Summoner lvl: 16
Won Games: 20 ( Have been testing and training on bots )
Top Champions:

-Xin Zhao ( Jungle or Solo Top )
-Janna ( Suport )
-Fiddlesticks ( Jungle )
-Nunu ( Jungle )
-Vayne ( AD carry )
-Fiora ( Jungle or Solo Top )

Number of champions owned: 12
Runebook setups you use: Soon

What im looking for:

Friendly and teambased players to be part of a group ( non official ) that plays together often ! See it as a group of friends !

Personal info
Name: Harry
Age: 17
Nationality: Dutch ( Netherlands )
Spoken Lang's: English, Dutch

With best regards:

Harry A.K.A Magnatus
sinxdemon's Forum Avatar
Apr 19th, 2012
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Hi there, i would love to be in this group ^ ^. Im lvl 19 (2v5), and have been looking for some people to play with often (soloq ugh). Im not the best player though (still learning jungle and support lol). I have one other person i do duos with (CJPwnz). NA server.

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