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Im makin a run out of elo hell!

Creator: Le Pro of d00m February 14, 2013 9:31pm
Le Pro of d00m
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Sep 28th, 2012
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So i just got out of my 2nd divison win, so now im in bronze 3, ive only lost 1 game while winning 7, and i have had positive scores in all games. i dont no if its going to get harder but i wanted to ask if anyone had any tips for keeping a streak going, as im a nervous wreck that im going to fall back to division 4. also a question, ima t 0 points in div 3, if i lose, do i gowrite back to div 4? thanks!
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Aug 11th, 2011
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You wont go to division 4 instant when you lose. I didnt go to bronze III instantly when I was 0 LP either... I lost twice and then I degraded ;/.
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