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Smurfing problem: How big of a problem it is

Creator: Frouther May 11, 2024 9:36am
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May 11th, 2024
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Hi there, Frouther here.

Today I decided to use this forum to understand if it is just me, or league is being ruined by smurfs that just want to climb other accounts for fun.

Im a emerald 2 jungler, and I´ve been receiving smurfs constantly. Honestly, its ok. One smurf on emerald might not be enought and I´ve won games with players who had 90% wr on 50 games. It was manageble.

Today was diferent. Was on a 5 win streak and saw this abdominance. Understand that even if this game was winnable, we where doomed on skillgap.

4 smurfs on enemy side, insane WR%, 2 premades, being the smurfs, and i got 3 smurfs and 1 autofill.
Just want to know how big the problem is by listening the community.

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