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A few questions from a beginner.

Creator: ThaLuke January 31, 2011 1:56pm
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Jan 18th, 2011
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Im really hooked on LoL and want to learn as much as possible to get better. I have a few Q.
I am lvl 9 atm and bought zil, wich I enjoy, and will buy Nidalee soon.
After that, should I focus on spending my IP on runes? Can I use the same runes for different champions i own?

What does a ward cost? Is there any champion that has a ward as skill?
Are the enemies wards totaly invisible to you? And how do you spot em and take em down? How long does a ward last? What are the most important places to ward on the map on summoners rift?

Is there any champion that is a great as healer?
Is there any pure dotter champion?
What champion has the potential to level insanly fast from start?

Is it a good idea to learn to play with the moving camera option?
I cant change my 2nd summoner skill. I press the icon of the right one (2nd one) that I want to change, but it keep changing the first one. What to do?

When I choose the beginner when I played my first random 5v5 game, does that mix me in with all other beginners whenever i queue for a 5v5 random game?

Do you mana reg on Nidalee when in cougar form?

Is it something you know now that that you wish you new when you started playing?
What is your favorite champion, and why?
Jebus McAzn
<Retired Moderator>
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Sep 30th, 2010
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1. Never buy runes until you're level 20 and can afford Tier 3 runes. The rest aren't worth the cost. Yes, you can use any and all runes you've bought on all champions you own.

2. A Sight Ward costs 75 gold and a Vision Ward costs 150. There are no champions that can use wards as skills, although Wriggle's Lantern is an item that lets you place a ward for free every 3 minutes. Teemo's Noxious Traps are mushrooms that give a small line of sight, acting as pseudo-wards across the map. Certain champions also have traps that give sight when triggered, such as Nidalee's Bushwhack, Shaco's Jack In The Box or Caitlyn's Yordle Snap Trap.

3. Enemy wards are stealthed. Like any stealthed item or unit, you need a stealth detector near it to see it. Towers are automatic stealth detectors, but you won't see wards near towers very often at all. You can use Vision Wards, which are also detectors, to "counter-ward" a place, to see their wards and kill them so they no longer have sight near crucial locations like Baron or Dragon. Wards last 3 minutes - but other skills that give sight like Teemo's Traps can last different amounts of time. The most important places to ward are near Dragon and Baron - they give sight of the river as well as these crucial team buffs. Other locations you can ward are your opponent's Lizard and Golem buffs, your own Lizard and Golem buffs, and other locations such as paths in the river leading to mid or the jungle.

4. There are several "support" champions that are designed to heal or support the team during a fight. These include Soraka, Taric, Janna, and the upcoming Karma. There are few DoT champions - most characters are either sustained heavy damage or burst champions. I suppose the closest you could get to a DoT champ is Malzahar, with his Malefic Visions. Singed, Cassiopeia, and Teemo are all kind of DoT champions too, with their poison. Few champs can just level quickly from the start - it all depends on the lane you're in and what partner you have, but many champions can level very, very, quickly in the jungle. Olaf is one of the fastest junglers in the game, for example, and can sometimes out-level the mid carry in the early game.

5. You should pretty much never lock your camera - always have it be able to be fluid, so you can keep track of your teammates. Regarding the summoner skills, you need to click on your skills and select the two skills you want to bring. For example, if you had Exhaust and Ghost, and you wanted to take Exhaust and Teleport instead, you would need to click on your summoner spells and press the icons for "Exhaust" and "Teleport" before the game starts. If you're referring to the wrong key activating the wrong spell in game, it could be a problem with your key bindings - press "ESC" in game and go to "Key Bindings" to change those.

6. You have a rating, known as ELO. This is invisible to everyone, including yourself. When you join a solo queue game, the client will try to match you up to other people of the same or similar ratings. So basically, you'll usually get paired with people around your skill level.

7. Nidalee keeps her mana in cougar form and she does still have her regular regeneration rate. Cougar form skills do not use mana, so you'll only be gaining mana in cougar form.

8. I wish I knew all of this when I started playing, to be honest, but the absolute most important things to know when at early levels is to know when to fall back. When everyone else is missing, don't overextend - you'll get ganked. Last hitting is incredibly important as well.

Hope I helped!
<Retired Admin>
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Nov 7th, 2010
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Good job Jebus, I'd just like to add a few more things.

So far as locking the camera Jebus is right, you need it to be constantly looking ahead of you and see what's going on at other parts of the map. Trust me you need to keep your camera unlocked if you want to play to the best of your ability. It will take some getting used to for sure if you haven't played a game like this before, but it is worth the few games you will fail from getting used to it.

It makes me glad you're already interested in knowing more about warding, it's so important. Especially as Zil you should be the ward master, supporting your team by buying wards so the carries don't have to. I go over warding a little in my Zilean guide (click my sig if you want to read it) but as far as where are the best places to put it I leave it to the master:

Warding guide >>

When you're ready to buy runes I would check out Searz's guide to runes. You can find it in the Veteran Recommendations section. Reading it will help you buy a set of runes that can cover a wide variety of champions so you don't have to waste IP on buying a bunch of random runes. You probably don't need to read this yet but keep it in mind.

You will want Dragon to be warded most of early / mid game, then mid/late game start warding Baron. These are the 2 most important spots to cover, but that warding guide goes over some more helpful spots if you can afford to buy more wards.
Thanks to GrandMasterD for my sig!
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Feb 15th, 2010
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Heya, its nice that you got hooked on LoL.

Before lvl 20 dont buy any runes.
Before reaching lvl 30 try to get at least 1 game (not a bot game) with every champion. I do not suggest sticking to 1 champ for long. You need to learn the champs and what to expect from them.
Imho that is the most important thing you should do.

Spend IP on champions you liked to play instead of runes :P

You have 3 runepages at start. Each page is a fixed by you set of runes. (you can use same runes on 2 or more pages at once, so you dont have to buy 18 Magic Penetration Marks for 2 pages, just use those 9. But as i said it is not needed to bother with runes untill lvl 20+. On champion selection you can pick the runepage you want to use this match to fit the champion you picked. So YES you can use same sets for diferent champions. Example: You mainly play casters, so you make a runepage filled with Magic penetration and ability power per lvl runes. When you pick a champion you pick your caster runepage and you are g2g. It doesnt matter who you play. You can use the same caster runepage for tanks or even physical carries, coz you dont have a physical runepage yet.

Most questions can be answered by lookin at this page:

price depends on the ward. 75g or 125g. The 2nd one also reveals stealth units like Shaco/Evelyn/Twitch/Akali.

There are plenty champs that have some kind of ward skills i think i can only add Nidale trap to it.
All wards are stealthed and cannot be hit by skills/spells. You can destroy it if you place a stealth detection ward next to the enemy ward or just by buying Oracle potion that also lets you reveal stealthed units.

Placed that could be warded depends on what you need vision of. For lategame it is a good idea to always have Baron Nashor spawn warded, as well as dragon for dragon gold controll.
Warding blue buff golem is also most common site for wards. You will get that stuff sorted while you advance your lvling.

Heal is a support spell. Dont rely on it. Its not how for example healers in MMOs work. It can save you from dieing when you are low on hp, but there is no superior healer ingame. It is just a small boost that doesnt matter much.
Healers you should mainly consider are Taric and Sona, Soraka is quite outdated and underpowered, tho if you meet a good player a good soraka can mean matter of win and loose. The main thing about soraka is that she becomes useless in mid/lategame. While taric and sona still can do a decent CC and support.

Doters got covered by Jebus as well i can only add Swain to it :) But dont focus on doters since they tend to not be as valid as solid bursters.

Exp is a matter of shared exp. Any champion will lvl the same (you can only spec via runes/masteries to do better) or get a support from Zilean in team.
Its a matter of solo and duo lanes.
If you go solo you get 100% exp, if you go duo you get 50%, also if you have to towerhug you might miss some exp due to exp beeing ranged thing. If you are too far away from creep dieing you will not get any exp, and a person that was near it will get 100%. The exp range is more or less screen range (got reduced a bit on prev patch).

DO NOT EVER play with locked camera. You have to know WTF is hapening around you. just keep in mind that "Space" brings the camera back to your champ instantly. Also if you hold the space the camera will follow you. Also having the camera moving with you is a bad thing for aiming skills and skillshots.

The summoner skills got covered. You will always get asked for swapping both spells on that popup window. 1st skill will be assigned to your F key and 2nd to your G key.

Matchmaking is a thing that needs at least 200 pages of the forum thread to cover it. More or less it SHOULD queue you with same skill ppl. You have a "hidden" stat called ELO (you can check what elo is via googling "elo wiki". You get points when you win and loose them when you loose a game. The game should also try to find ppl from brackets 1-10, 11-20, 21-29, 30+.

You dont NEED anything. You will regen mana in couguar form anyway. Couguar form doesnt use mana tho.

the last questions...
What do i have to say for you as starter? Hmmm HAVE FUN AND DONT FLAME!
Fav champ? WW/Yi/Irelia.
Did i help you? Click that +Rep

Thanks to jhoijhoi for the sig!
<Ancient Member>
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Jan 18th, 2010
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Sep 18th, 2010
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XD Alahric,

Fav Char: Malphite,Sion
Thanks Jhoi,Xenasis,JEFFY40HANDS for the Sigs ! :D
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Jun 14th, 2010
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If you don't play with moving camera on you're doing yourself a great disservice.

3picPanda's Forum Avatar
Feb 20th, 2011
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Check the map constantly, you must be aware of the opposite laners going for you/ganking.
Usually check it after a minion wave, the best is to check it after every last hit (kiling a minion on low health with one attack) to stay aware.

Welcome to the forums!

Deathbringer77's Forum Avatar
Feb 6th, 2011
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About these summoner skills you must press first summoner skill in that small pic then it will open new window press on first skill you want and second skill you want.

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