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"OP" Picks

Creator: WorstJunglerGG July 14, 2012 10:19am
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Jan 9th, 2012
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Riot stopped releasing over 9000 champs.

I find a good way to know when a champ was too strong is to see them doing well after some nerfs (and I mean real nerfs).
For example, current Kog and Vayne have strong scaling and strong damage kit, and I remember how important were the nerfs on Kog W range and Vayne's Q and R. I hardly remember before the nerf (well they were often banned/always played) but ... damn they surely were some scarry monsters.

PS : Rumble non-bug'ed Q at lvl 5 is quite laughable when compared to other aoe overtime magic spells.
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Apr 15th, 2012
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Maybe it's a botlaner thing from me but....
Taric+Graves is still too damn good.

Other than that I usually ban malphite/nautilus for his amazing tanky-ness and cc.
Neorix's Forum Avatar
Jul 30th, 2012
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tf is scary because of his ult but other than that isn't very OP
Datoxx's Forum Avatar
Aug 26th, 2012
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Shaco since the nerf is a champ i dont scare and i wont never bann is very very squishy early and late, got no real cc Jack In The Box is no very reliable, low dmg if not fed. the only thing are the ganks that can be very deadly because of his stealth and slow( ganks should be done well ive seen lot of Shacos fail a gank and die cus o theyr squishyness), a well place ward shut his ganks down so he became almost useless.
to play it requires a lot of skill and experiece and its still not worth it.
I scare more Darius who can lose his lane 0-4 lose tower and lose farm and still carry games with his ult and turn the tides of a game if not properly takrn care of.
He is not the only also Morgana, Amumu, Malphite, Blitzcrank meh can get some carrying grabs against newb players, Diana... ecc are scarying and need a ban
Madreds's Forum Avatar
Apr 6th, 2012
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What about Swain and Diana? both rape alot laners so hard...
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gero yamaza
gero yamaza's Forum Avatar
Dec 24th, 2011
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With how the current meta is played, people ban those champs that either A) snowball out of control, or B) have massive late game potential. These tend to be the reasons why you see the popular bans of Malphite, Amumu, Alistar, Darius, Diana(although not so much anymore), Morgana, TF, Blitzcrank, and Darius.
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Mar 21st, 2012
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I think one of the most solid 1st picks is Taric

Pølsemanden's Forum Avatar
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Jan 6th, 2011
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My current toppicks n bans, in order of what i pick/ban them:
Top: Kennen, Irelia
Mid: Anivia, Twisted Fate
Adcarry: Trist, Corki
Support: Jarvan, Taric
Jungle: Shaco, Maokai

Bans(theese bans are solely related to champs i don't like playing against):
Ezreal(when i ad-carry i just can't handle the ****er)
"Whatever my team wants me to ban, if they want me to ban something"
Malphite or Oriana(don't ****ing want the enemy to get this wombo-combo)
Blitzcrank(can't handle the grabs)
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Mar 21st, 2012
Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep September 11, 2012 11:26am | Report
Hmm, following Polsemanden's logic:

Top picks: Rumble, Kayle;
Mid picks: Swain, Orianna, Vladimir (if versus a Morgana or a Galio), Diana;
AD Carry: Tristana, Vayne;
Support: Taric
Jungle: Diana, Nautilus;


Alistar (if I'm going botlane as Taric, since he's annoying);
Shen (annoys me too much)
Blitzcrank (if I'm not going botlane, or I don't know any of the botlaners)
Whatever my team desires
Riven or Yorick (if I'm going to first pick rumble)
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borzonslayer's Forum Avatar
Sep 28th, 2012
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If possible, if you aren't going to ban, pick Swain, because he wins mid most of the time.
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