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MOBAFire Special Halloween Giveaway!

Creator: Hades4u October 25, 2021 12:38am

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boumehed's Forum Avatar
Jun 25th, 2021
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hi im sharing my illustration of Missfortune, fiddlisticks, mundo and karthus in halloween with pumkin thats my skills of drawing, hope you like it.
Aireszita's Forum Avatar
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Nov 29th, 2019
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My favourite candy have to be the gummies! I've loved gummies ever since I was child. Whenever I went to my grandmother's house there was always one thing I knew she would have there: GUMMIES! In so many different shapes and colours, each with their own flavor, I loved it. Would always make me wonder what kind of gummy I'd find at her house.

Also, don't you think it's amazing how diverse and versatile this candy is? I mean, you can even use them in Trick-or-Treating since some of them come in tiny bags! Get some pumpkin, ghost, skeleton shaped gummies and you're all set for Halloween spookiness. At least if I was the one doing the Trick-or-Treating, I'd looove getting myself a little bag of those.

Gummies just have it all, to me they will always be the best candy! If I had to be more specific and pick my favourite kind of gummy... Well, that would be a hard choice. Probably those brick gummies, I like their consistency and flavor. Also, the long rainbowy ones! On the other hand, my least favourite gummy is an easy pick. SPICY GUMMIES. Who came up with that idea?! I can't stand those! I remember when my grandpa accidentally gave me one when I was a little kid. I think that to this day I'm still not touching spicy gummies because of that occurrence.

Happy Halloween everyone! Especially to all my fellow gummy lovers out there ;)
Betolas9's Forum Avatar
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Nov 27th, 2019
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My favorite movie is Incidious.
And I'll explain why, basically it has everything I like to see in a horror movie. Firstly there is a great connection between the characters, secondly the jump scares are good and thirdly the story is very well done, with a great ending and intro.
Here I'm just referring to the first movie in the saga but after seeing the first one, you'll definitely want to see the second just because of the way it ends! I would like to say a thousand things about the movie but I don't want to spoilers!!

So i just want to say that for those who like horror movies, right after "you have a full ad team against a rammus" this is the best movie ever!! Good luck to everyone who participates, I'll be reading your stories and happy Halloween!!
AD Cannon
AD Cannon's Forum Avatar
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Jan 28th, 2021
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I generally prefer light-hearted fun over horror, so I tend to like horror parodies and odd things like this:
Can't go wrong with a good beat and a few laughs.
Anyone else enjoy the same?
TonyandTommy's Forum Avatar
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Oct 31st, 2021
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Hi everyone,

My name is Tony and it's been roughly a year since I've started playing League of Legends. I live in Australia and for the past few months, I've been stuck in quarantine with very little to do. During this time I decided to binge-watch a lot of different movies and series, many of which I really enjoyed. One of my favourite series is one called 'Squid Game'. It's a really popular series now and I heard that it managed to get the position as the most-watched series on Netflix. Though many people may not consider 'Squid Game' as a horror movie, I personally haven't watched many movies that are under the horror category so it was a nice twist in genre. The series revolves around a tournament in which many contestants play to win large sums of money. The tournament has many different rounds which are based on children's games in Korea. However, these games have been twisted so that if a contestant loses, then they will lose their life. Because of this, throughout the series, there were many horrific scenes of people dying and begging for their lives. I personally enjoyed this series very much as it made an atmosphere that would leave you wondering what would happen next, especially those where the main characters were in near life and death situations. Overall, 'Squid Game' is most likely my favourite series that I have ever watched and I will recommend it to everyone who wants to experience a brief moment of thrill. I wish you all the best in this competition. And make sure you always stay safe.
Kazuha4247's Forum Avatar
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Oct 30th, 2021
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I'm not sure why, but my post from earlier disappeared. I'll try to resubmit it in case there was an error.
<Community Manager>
Hades4u's Forum Avatar
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Apr 15th, 2014
Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep November 1, 2021 12:21am | Report
The Halloween event has finally ended. We will go through all the entries during the next few days and pick our favourites, stay tuned!

Thank you everyone for taking part in our special events. We hope you had fun and a great Halloween weekend! 🎃
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