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September Raffle Winners!

Creator: Hades4u October 1, 2021 1:32am
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boumehed's Forum Avatar
Jun 25th, 2021
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Hades4u wrote:
Hey @ boumehed! Challenges are supposed to be reasonably difficult but difficulty is going to be different for every participant based on their skill level. Hosting weekly challenges and giving out so many codes only for the same <100 people to participate every single week isn't ideal.
Other reason was that too many people were attempting to enter the challenges by cheating and that was disheartening for us to deal with every week.
There will be other events soon that hopefully will attract more attention and will bring more people to join our community. Until then, if you have any fun ideas for events, please let me know.

well i have an idea if you're intersting to make it as a fun event where nobody can cheat on it.
make a weekly streaming of a match and let players do bet on the match you win or lose, and those who get correct vote will be qualified for the lucky draw and you pick 10 winners like you used to. isn't it good?
OTP Toxin
OTP Toxin's Forum Avatar
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Sep 2nd, 2020
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Well, this is the first time I win, so I am really happy about that! :3 Teemo
<Formatting Prodigy>
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Jul 31st, 2019
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Already jealous dear?
I'd rig the system for you if you'd come back out of retirement :P

I'll have you know that Sleepininthegarden does not get jealous. The only thing Sleepininthegarden does is hope they win a giveaway, then sad faces for the day when they don't then moves on. :P
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