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Earning points in LOL by taking a survey

Creator: Flying_fish_LOL June 26, 2018 5:53pm
Flying_fish_LOL's Forum Avatar
Jun 22nd, 2018
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Dear LOL players,

Could you please take 2 minutes to complete a personality survey here? We offer gifts for verified answers.

(1) Gifting
If you complete the survey and your answers passed our verification, we will send you a gift via Gifting Center in LOL in 7 days. Any fake information during the survey will be rejected without gift.

If you have taken this survey several days ago, don't repeat to take it again. You will also receive gifts once your answers passed our verification.

(2) The survey

You could take the survey by clicking the following link (or copy it into your browser) to take the survey. It contains 8 short questions and takes about 2 minutes to finish.

Survey link:

More information about this survey:

Official website:

This cognitive-psychological survey project is created by Professor Gijsbert Stoet from Leeds Beckett University, UK. (

(3) Who am I & Why am I posting here?

I am a Ph.D. student doing research in social media analysis, such as Twitter, Facebook, Airbnb. I am conducting a project on the popular game League of Legends in University of Southern California for this summer. This project aims to explore the relationship between personality traits and players' in-game behaviors. For example: (1) Whether players who have aggressive personality traits have relatively high KDA in matches? (2) Are there any similar in-game behavior patterns of people with similar personalities? (3) Do people who have similar personality traits share common interests in specific champions? (4) Does this game really help people relax?

(4) Who and why to contribute?

Any LOL player with more than 10 matches is welcome to take the survey. Sharing your thoughts about this game can help to improve the game experiences based on end-users' expectations, such as developing more interesting champions and creating awesome abilities.

I appreciate anyone who is willing to take this survey. Your 2 minutes' contribution might make a change to the LOL community.

Thanks for your time and patience
Good luck

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