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AP Jax

Creator: Firehusary May 5, 2014 7:52am
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Jul 15th, 2013
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Because my main is now banned, I played some games on my smurf and I was teaching a firend (don't worry, only how to last-hit minions xD). I decided to troll a little with AP Jax.
What's yours throughts about him? I build him in that way: LB-Sorc/Zerks/-Sightstone-Nashor-Rabadon-Randuin/GA.
I think he is funny to play, even if he have no sustain besides pots.
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Nov 2nd, 2010
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He doesn't work anymore.

After his big rehaul/dodge remove AP hits way less than before + AP builds simply can't incoporate greater defensive values.
He doesn't bring enough to the table anymore to simply neglect that.

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