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League of Legends Mastery: Stormraider's Surge

Stormraider's Surge
Mastery Tree: Resolve

LoL Mastery: Stormraider's Surge

Dealing 30% of a champion's maximum Health within 2.5 seconds grants you 40% Movement Speed and 75% Slow Resistance for 3 seconds (10 second cooldown).

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Alpheox | July 9, 2016 10:02pm
I actually run this on Jayce and I have to say I will never use anything else on him
flaffypon3 | June 28, 2016 9:39am
Excellent on Ekko, pairs well with passive and ult.
PJP12 | April 28, 2016 8:01am
It's perfect for Nasus, because of his Q that can do more damage than 30%.
Hopesedge (8) | April 26, 2016 5:55am
Really useful talent for some champions, especially Hecarim
svperuzer | February 10, 2016 6:55pm
Much more interesting and usable with the new Duskblade.
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